Roboworm Robo Minnow 5pk - $8.19

The ultimate A-Rig and swim bait tails, the Roboworm Robo Minnows feature a lifelike baitfish profile and incredible paddle tail action. Made with the robotic precision and detailed color patterns that Roboworm is known for, these solid bodied, soft plastic swimbaits are deadly for a variety of bass fishing applications. Pick up a pack today - the Roboworm Robo Minnows won't disappoint.

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4.25" 5

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Roboworm Robo Minnow 5pk

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  • Blue Back Shad
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Perfect Shad
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  • Smokey Shad
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  • SXE Shad
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Comments: This bait is phenomenal! The first day on the water with it I caught three largemouth over 5lbs and an unmeasurable amount of 2-3 pounders fishing it over the top of expansive grass flats. The price is worth every penny.

From: Andy: USA 3/6/14

Comments: Tested in France on seabass... just the "must have" in my box. A regret : The price is a too expensive and impossible to find them in France so I have to wait the next promo to buy some :(


From: Chevallier: France

Comments: These baits are amazing. The tail paddles with the slightest crank of the real and i had over 30 fish on one bait with having to replace it for the day. Throw the Ghost Minnow around the outside edge of the coontail and HOLD ON

From: Kirk: Teutopolis, IL

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