Roboworm Zipper Worms

Roboworm Zipper Worms

The Roboworm Zipper Worm is the original zipper worm that created the onslaught of imitators on the market. The prominent ribs along the length of the Roboworm Zipper Worm provides a multitude of benefits. Aside from giving the bait a bulkier appearance without the additional weight, the ribs displace a significant amount of water, creating a bigger disturbance below the surface and attracting bass from greater distances. The ribs also give the Zipper Worms a feel and texture that bass love, causing them to hold on longer for better hooksets. The soft, thin, flexible curly tail provides additional action on the fall or when the bait is just scooting along the bottom.

Try the Roboworm Zipper Worm as a flip bait, since it can get through small openings in thick cover easily, or try Texas-rigging it and shaking it on deep structure. One pro's secret has been to tie a dropshot rigwith heavier line, Tex-spose the hook in the Zipper, and pitch it into fish holding cover while shaking the whole rig. By varying the length of the leader, you can put the bait right where the fish are if they aren't relating to the bottom. We carry all the colors Roboworm makes to make sure there's a color and style of Zipper Worm that will catch fish in your home lake.

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5" 6

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The main part of the Zipper club, is not talking about the Zipper club. Oh yeah sure, they were hot like 10 years ago, but they dont work now. Right? I have accidentally turned more than one dude on to these while fishing out of the back of his boat. I just Texas rig them. Ive caught fish of all sizes on them, casting and pitching. Also, slow roll them in and dont be shocked when they start nailing it. Get zippy!

From: Meatwad: Beans-spills-ville

Comments: pick your color and pitch or flip this little dandy into a patch of weed's or tules, then hold onto your rod REEL good! a 3/0 to 4/0 flipping hook will do the job. i suggest 30 to 50 lb. braid (no leader) on a med.hvy 71/2 ft. b/c rod with a 1/4 oz. (screw-in) bullet wt. this is a BIG fish bait. just ask robert lee the king of the ca. delta tournament's. this is also a great lure on lk. havasu and clear lake.

From: Wes: Salinas, Ca

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