Rod Wrap is an ultra thin, ultra tacky material, that gives you the performance that you need. Rod Wrap protects your fishing rod handles, improves grip and casting performance. Rod Wrap comes in various colors for quick rod identification and restores old or damaged handles to new. Starting at the butt end of the rod, simply wrap the Rod Wrap over itself to form a protective non-slip bond with the rod handle. The medium wrap fits casting and spinning rod handles up to 15" long. The large wrap fits casting and spinning rod handles up to 19" long.

"I always wrap the handles of my spinning and bait casting rods with Rod Wrap. It's a tacky material that really helps me grip the rod, especially when it's raining. It keeps the rod from slipping and turning in my hand. I love it because it gives me a good gripping surface to hold onto."

Stacey King FLW Pro

Don't forget the RodWrap Finishing Tape for securing your RodWrap to your rod's handle.

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