Rod Grips

From the same folks that brought you the popular Reel Grips, the Rod Grips are constructed from a soft silicone rubber, designed to provide the ultimate in non-slip comfort. The Rod Grips are also ideal for protecting your rod's handle from the elements. In wet and rainy conditions, the Rod Grips protect your cork grips and provide enhanced traction for a secure grip.

The 10.5" Rod Grip easily fits most rod handles - even split-grips. Tapered similar to a rod handle, simply cut the Rod Grip down for your own custom fit. The company recommends using a little Windex or an alcohol-based soap, such as Purell, to help slide the grip onto the handle. Just be careful because once the alcohol evaporates the Rod Grip will stay firmly in place. Available in a variety of attractive colors, the Rod Grips add a little fashion and plenty of comfort and protection to your favorite rig.

10 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Tried three of these and going back for more. Ran into same diameter fit problem others have noted. Solved it by wrapping butt before working Rod Grip on. Got exact thicker fit I was looking for. Fished them this week and caught personal best 10 lb 2 oz largemouth! No problem with grip slippage. Now ordering more. One problem: need a longer size that will fit my Dobbyns 806 Mike Long Swimbait rod! Also want more colors. Greedy? Yes!

From: Terry: Glendale, AZ 6/15/15

Comments: Not exactly what I expected. With split handles or regular there is definitely some "play" in the grip even after trimming to use the tightest part of the grip. These would be awesome if you could shrink wrap the grip via a heat source like a heat gun or something. I bought 8 of these and found especially with split grips you use half of the actual product after trying to get the best fit. Provides some additional grip but will see how it handles over the long run.

From: Jeff: WI 2/15/15

Comments: This product does not work on split grip handles. The Rod Grip is tapered and this will not allow it to go over the split grip on a baitcast rod or any spinnning rod. So I bought the Rod Wrap and tried it and it works great.

From: Bernie: Burke, VA

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