Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait

Offering an additional jointed segment, the Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait features the same beautifully crafted body design and key characteristics as the original Mother swimbait - now with a more lifelike and fluid swimming motion.  Handmade and handcrafted one-by-one in Roman Made’s facility near Lake Biwa in Japan, each bait takes approximately 12 hours to create.  Tried and tested on the waters of Lake Biwa, its a true big fish bait designed for catching bass 30-inches and bigger. As proof, world record holder Manabu Kurita hooked into a bass he estimated to be 28-pounds on a version of the Mother swimbait, but lost her during the fight, and also landed the previous Lake Biwa record (prior to his world-record tying bass) on a Mother swimbait. Extremely difficult to find, especially in the US, the Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait is a true work-of-art, and currently available at Tackle Warehouse - while supplies last.

Roman Made Retrieve Techniques Video

Roman Made Length Weight Rate of Fall
Mother - Triple 12" 10.5-oz 2.0-sec/ft

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4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: i bought this bait about 3 months ago & i have just had splendid days with it catching fish from 12" to 2lbs with this! its a great bait for all of you bank anglers out there i recommend using 8 pound test fluorocarbon & a medium action rod so you can really feel those subtle bites i bought this bait in albino color.


Comments: The Custom rocks. It is different and catches fish. Thank you Tackleware house for bringing out the US colors. They are insane. I don't care that they are hard to get or the costs simple as that. I catch fish with them.


From: Bass Hunter: Dana Point

Comments:  Love the bait...yes was sweatin it...throwin this pup but all is good.  I caught fish from 2 to 6 pounds and I am blown how many I have pull off spots that followed, repositioned my boat and caught one (6 pounds).  Love this Giant!


From: Danny: Clear Lake 


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