Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait - $475.99

Offering an additional jointed segment, the Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait features the same beautifully crafted body design and key characteristics as the original Mother swimbait - now with a more lifelike and fluid swimming motion.  Handmade and handcrafted one-by-one in Roman Made’s facility near Lake Biwa in Japan, each bait takes approximately 12 hours to create.  Tried and tested on the waters of Lake Biwa, its a true big fish bait designed for catching bass 30-inches and bigger. As proof, world record holder Manabu Kurita hooked into a bass he estimated to be 28-pounds on a version of the Mother swimbait, but lost her during the fight, and also landed the previous Lake Biwa record (prior to his world-record tying bass) on a Mother swimbait. Extremely difficult to find, especially in the US, the Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait is a true work-of-art, and currently available at Tackle Warehouse - while supplies last.

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Roman Made Length Weight Rate of Fall
Mother - Triple 12" 10.5-oz 2.0-sec/ft

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Roman Made Mother Triple Swimbait

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Comments: The Custom rocks. It is different and catches fish. Thank you Tackleware house for bringing out the US colors. They are insane. I don't care that they are hard to get or the costs simple as that. I catch fish with them.


From: Bass Hunter: Dana Point

Comments:  Love the bait...yes was sweatin it...throwin this pup but all is good.  I caught fish from 2 to 6 pounds and I am blown how many I have pull off spots that followed, repositioned my boat and caught one (6 pounds).  Love this Giant!


From: Danny: Clear Lake 


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