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Built with the same amazing artistry and craftsmanship as the original Negotiator, the Roman Made Negotiator Triple Swimbait offers an additional segment, for an even more pronounced lifelike swimming action. The Roman Made Negotiator Triple Swimbait is a scaled-down version of the famous Roman Made Mother Swimbait – the swimbait that Manabu Kurita used to catch the previous Lake Biwa record bass before he caught his world record-tying monster. Each one is hand-crafted in Roman Made’s facility near Lake Biwa, and takes an astounding 12 hours to make. This meticulous manufacturing process results in some of the most beautifully crafted swimbaits in the world with fluid swimming actions second-to-none. Roman Made is a highly-regarded swimbait company in Japan, which makes them very difficult to get your hands on - especially in the U.S. Get your Roman Made Negotiator Triple Swimbait while supplies last. 

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