Roman Made Roman South Swimbait

Roman Made Roman South Swimbait

The Roman Made Roman South Swimbait gets its name from the southern portion of Lake Biwa, where bass prey insatiably on bluegill. A floating bait, designed to be waked, and retrieved just under the surface, it’s jointed construction produces a seductive swimming action, and a sound akin to the popping sound bluegill make on the water's surface. Handcrafted and hand-tuned from wood in Roman Made's facility near Lake Biwa, each bait takes approximately 12 hours to make. Known to elicit violent topwater strikes, the South's unique sound and swimming action are proven call hiding bass up to the surface. Well known in Japan for their exquisite detail and fish catching ability, the Roman Made South Swimbaits are seldom seen in the US, and rarely available for purchase. Now available at Tackle Warehouse while supplies last, the Roman Made Roman South Swimbait is as beautiful as it is functional.

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Roman Made Length Weight Class
Roman South 4.5" 2.30-oz Sub-Surface

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Customer Reviews

Comments: time for an update... At first i wasn't sure on this bait it reminded me of my gyrons,just super expensive. Well after using this all summer.....I LOVE IT. And playing around with it and learning tricks and different ways to fish it ,it is defiantly nothing like a gyron. Mine didn't come with a rear feather hook so I tied my own with flash maribu and some feathers and I found myself getting more hits after I did that,so if yours also didn't come with any feather trebles add some it does make a difference. This bait is just a joy to fish with its got some wicked action I love how it boils on the surface with just the hump of the back exposed on the surface. My best bites on this are early mornings and dusk.these r getting harder n harder to find so if your on the fence about it trust me get yourself one b4 it's to late.they truly are a very beautiful lure.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Money well spent...

From: Matthew: Bellingham, WA

Comments: I Love this bait, you can throw it  easy.  It makes a low sound when working it. The shoulders of the bait is the only thing that breeches the water surface. Burn it and you'll see what I am talking about. It is nothing like the giron... I have five of those and love them but totally different action. Giron sinks and worked fast loses its action.  The South you can dip your rod tip or run it high and still burn it. It looks like a bluegill scurrying. I am fishing it in grass pockets and around shade over hangs.

From: Jason: AL

Comments: This bait is smokin'em here in North Carolina right now! Absolutely a sleeper bait on the swimbait scene....many different ways to fish it! Pulls the BIG bites!

From: Larry: Mount Airy, NC

Comments: Killer bait different action than Giron, definately big fish bait.  Excellent wake/subsurface action.  Has several actions.  I throw it on 60 braid or 20 fluoro.  Already catchn fish that's all that counts.

From: John: LA

Comments: same action as a jackall gyron,just a little bit bigger and more expensive.i like it but with the gyrons im not afraid to throw them and lose them,this is a little hard to toss out and not worry lol

From: Stevo: USA

Comments: the bait acts just like a fleeing blue gill on the surface....really cool...

From: BK: USA

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