The Roman Made Trick Lipless Swimbaits are handcrafted and hand-tuned one-by-one in Roman Made’s facility near Lake Biwa. Designed for luring bass in the 30-inch and larger range, each bait takes approximately 12 hours to make. The result of a lifetime of studying bass and their forage, as well as, applying the principles of movement and water displacement, there is a reason Roman Made Swimbaits are so sought after in Japan and the world over. The Tricks' double-jointed construction gives them an incredibly lifelike swimming motion, and no matter how fast you burn them, they don't get out of control and roll up on their side. Beautifully crafted and extremely difficult to find, the Roman Made Trick Swimbaits are now available at Tackle Warehouse - while supplies last.

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Roman Made Length Weight Rate of Fall
Trick - Lipless 7.5" 2.30-oz 2.0-sec/ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure has great action. The bad part is and maybe I just got a bad one but the paint is coming off. I made some cast with it the other day in open water and noticed a chunk of paint the size of a dime missing from the mid section. Sent a photo of it to Roman Made and they said they had some that had this problem and to send it back and they would send me another once they got some back in stock but for the mean time to keep fishing it. I threw it some more yesterday and more paint is chipping off in different areas. This lure is made of wood and it looks like it did not have a primer applied before the paint was put on. My opinion is for the price this cost, they should send me a replacement without me having to go to the trouble and hassle of paying to ship one back.

Comments: Nice bait, balanced, no problems with hooks, eyes, tail or hinges. Excellent dock bait.  You can wake it no problem.  Keep them in my plano box... no problem with heat.  I do like the US colors way better than the JDM colors. I will be getting another soon before my Clear Lake trips this year. Good vid also.

From: Paul: Central CA

Comments: Ok I got this bait from Japan before TW or Tackletour.  The bait rocks.  I have two of them and have had no problems fish them under many conditions. They scratch but thats character as far as I am concerned. Great tourney bait.

From: Mike: TX

Comments:  I have thrown the other big name baits half of them work half dont. I can say this is a great bait once the water warms. If you stop your retrieve and then 1/4 turn the reel handle bait comes alive. Other baits you pause the retrieve and they sink no action. Wicked action with little retrieve, excellent paint schemes and completely different lure from whats out there. They need a bigger version.

From: Nick: LA

Comments: Solid smart bait had several friends throwing them not saying much, now I know why.  The bait doesnt fall to the bottom of the drain with no action. You barely turn the reel handle and the bait comes alive.  Well thoughtout JDM lure with amazing color schemes. I had absolutely no problems... very reliable and consistent lure. Fishing Clear Lake, So Cal lakes and the Delta with it. I will be posting some big fish pictures.

From: Delta Rat: Calif USA

Comments: Don't leave it out in the heat because the tail comes un-glued.

From: Dr. Pepper

Comments: Dude love this bait.  I have a collection of many top dollar swimbaits. This bait is better than swimbaits I have thrown in the 70.00 to 100.00 range

From: Steve: USA

Comments: I have most every bait made by the top manufacturers.  This bait has a different different look.  I played with retrieves and found some cool movement.  The bait didn't crump or collasp and it settled well when dead stickn it.  Cool innovation, cool action,  havent caught anything over 8 on it. But still trying

From: Jerry: USA

Comments: great looking lure,good show piece,but the action isnt what i thought it would be,not for $80,at this price ill stick with a rago or jsj.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: Hey we've (friends) have thrown this bait and it swims great, a  very balanced bait.  If you stop the retrieve it doesn't fold up. It slowly decends forward.  sic bait!

From: D: Ojai, CA

Comments: I have several of these and love them. They swim better than I thought.  They are killer for freestyling your retrieves. 

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