Royal Purple 2 Cycle TCWIII Oil (HP 2-C) is a high performance engine oil proven to improve performance and dramatically reduce wear in two-cycle gasoline engines. Recommended for use in both pre-mixed and oil injected gasoline two-cycle engines in outboard motors, motorcycles, jet skis, chain saws, etc., Royal Purple 2 Cycle TCWIII Oil (HP 2-C) increases horsepower and reduces fuel consumption, heat, wear and emissions. Its synthetic solvency also keeps spark plugs and exhaust ports clean as well.

Royal Purple 2 Cycle TCWIII Oil (HP 2-C) performance advantages come from a blend of synthetic oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlac additive technology. Synerlec significantly increases the oil film strength for optimum engine efficiency and maximum protection.

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Comments: The best quality marine oil on the market, burns less, while preserving the integrity of your engine. Visit the online site, then head to the store.

From: Larry: Clarksville, TN

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