Delivering an unbelievably lifelike baitfish presentation, the Savage Gear 4Play Herring Lowrider will have bass licking their lips in anticipation. Its triple-jointed construction generates a vigorous, lifelike swimming action and responds to every movement of the rod, allowing anglers to easily manipulate its action. In addition, the Savage Gear 4Play Herring also features Savage Gear’s Vivid Moving System, which creates a shaking and swimming motion on the way down to trigger brutal strikes. Built strictly with high quality components, the Savage Gear 4Play Herring Lowrider is armed with razor sharp Japanese treble hooks and extremely tough forged split rings.  Available in three enticing sizes and a variety of proven colors, the Savage Gear 4 Play Herring Lowrider is incredibly easy to fish and a threat to bass anytime it’s near water. 

Savage Gear Length Weight Depth Class Hook
Lowrider 3.75" 1/3 2-5 Suspending #8
Lowrider 5" 3/4 5-9 Floating #4
Lowrider 7.5" 1-3/4 9-11 Slow-Floating #1

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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