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Built with an extra-large profile, the Savage Gear 4 Play Herring Swimbait features a smooth moving triple-jointed construction and two different line tie points for varied action.  The lower line-tie provides a large real S-curve swimming action that’s great for a slower retrieve around sluggish bass. The top line-tie delivers a slim, erratic S-curve pattern and is ideal when targeting more aggressive fish.  Able to attract bass from a distance, the massive Savage Gear 4 Play Herring Swimbait is equipped with Savage Gear’s Vivid Moving System, which provides an enticing shaking action on the drop for even more strikes. Hand-painted and tank-tested, the Savage Gear 4 Play Herring Swimbait is fitted with two Japanese carbon-steel treble hooks and extra-strong forged split rings. Savage Gear continues to provide anglers with some of the most realistic and effective baits on the market and the Savage Gear 4 Play Herring Swimbait is another extension of their outstanding lineup of lures. 

Savage Gear Length Weight Class Depth Hook
Herring Swimbait 10" 3-3/4oz Slow-Sinking 3-10ft. 2/0

Treble Hooks

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