Savage Gear Bone Crank - $9.99

Featuring superior detailing and and a precise action designed to excel in the clearest waters with the finickiest of fish, the Savage Gear Bone Crank is part of Savage Gear's finesse series of lures. It produces an amazing wobbling action, and features a unique bent bill that helps accentuate its unique action, as well as, provide killer deflections off of cover. Also equipped with premium components, the Bone Crank's Japanese tournament treble hooks and split rings even feature finishes coordinated to match the with its body's color scheme for the most realistic presentation possible. Available in a range of colors proven to get the job done, the Savage Gear Bone Crank will give you the edge whether you're a weekend warrior or a tour pro.

Savage Gear Length Weight Depth Class
Bone Crank 2" 1/3oz 2-6ft Floatiing

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Savage Gear Bone Crank

5 Available Colors

  • Bitten Shad Shiner
    Size Stock Qty
    2" 5
  • Blue Back Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    2" 4
  • Bluegill Transparent
    Size Stock Qty
    2" 5
  • Red Crawfish
    Size Stock Qty
    2" 5+
  • Spring Crawfish
    Size Stock Qty
    2" 3