The Savage Gear CBL Prey 95 is part of Savage Gear’s new finesse line of baits. Designed to excel in the clearest of waters with the finickiest of fish, it features an incredibly realistic profile, detailing, and color scheme. Its premium super sharp Japanese tournament trebles and split rings even feature finishes that are coordinated with the baits’ paint schemes for an unprecedented level or realism. A circuit board lip helps facilitate its killer erratic, quick darting and rolling action, and also helps it dive quickly to its desired depth. The CBL Prey also suspends perfectly on the pause, tempting bass to strike, and comes equipped with a tungsten long cast system to help you launch it across the lake.  Available in a range of colors proven to attract bass across the country, the Savage Gear CBL Prey 95 is the rip bait you want tied on when the going gets tough.

Savage Gear Length Weight Depth Class
CBL Prey 95 3-3/4" 1/2oz 1-3ft Suspending

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The 2 I bought were fantastic looking - amazing detail! I wanted very much to like these and have one tied on during pre-spawn... However they both sink relatively fast, in no way suspending, very sharply nose down. Way more 'front heavy' than other nose-down jerkbaits... I worked hard to get them to suspend acceptably (at home, in cold water) & the only way was to put an itty bitty split ring & light wire #6 hook on the front. It never did correct the posture. I hope Savage Gear tinkers with the balance of this lure. It looks so right, & is unique with the shallow depth.

From: Midwest Bass Guy: KS 3/9/14

Comments: Great jerkbait it suspends perfectly and has great action. Ive been catching tons on the blue shad color in ponds

From: Henry: AL

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