The Savage Gear Finesse Crank is part of Savage Gear’s finesse line of lures. Featuring incredibly lifelike detailing and coloring, it is the perfect choice for clear water situations and finicky fish. Even the premium, super sharp Japanese treble hooks and split rings feature finishes that are color coordinated to the baits’ color schemes for the most realistic presentation possible. It also has a smaller profile that won’t overpower the situation and a tight wobbling, flat-sided action that bass can’t resist. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Savage Gear Finesse Crank casts like a bullet and gets down to depth quickly.

Savage Gear Length Weight Depth Class
Finesse Crank 50 2" 1/3oz 5-9ft Floating
Finesse Crank 60 2-1/2" 2/5oz 7-12ft Floating
Finesse Crank 65 2-3/4" 1/2oz 9-14ft Floating

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They are a really nice crank but change the hooks immediately! I caught about a 4-5lb channel catfish and just as i got him on the shore the hook snapped like it was made of plastic. Besides that great looking, run true out of the box and the paints tough from what I've seen so far so don't be afraid to buy just know the hooks are garbage. And also the double wobble crankbait actually was the first hunt for center bait I used before it became a thing. Doesn't hunt hard but has a slight hunting action so give'em a try, pretty sweet lures.

From: Joe: CT 5/14/14

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