Savage Gear Hollow Frog Action Legs

The Savage Gear Hollow Frog with Action Legs combines a natural amphibian profile with a pair of lively J-shaped legs to draw bass to the surface. Built from a durable PVC material, the Action Legs on the Savage Gear Hollow Frog move across the water with a strong churning action and a prominent wake. Much like a buzzbait, the Savage Gear Hollow Frog with Action Legs is ideal for covering large stretches of open water to locate bass. Next time the frog bite is going off, tie on the Savage Gear Hollow Frog with Action Legs to really get things “hopping.” 

Savage Gear  Length Weight
 Hollow Frog w/ Action Legs 2-1/4" N/A
Hollow Frog w/ Action Legs 2-3/4" 3/4oz

4 Colors

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    Model No. FG-AF57-BY
    Black Yellow
    Size Stock Qty
    2.25 5
    2.75" 5+
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    Model No. FG-AF57-DL
    Dark Leopard
    Size Stock Qty
    2.25 3
    2.75" 5+
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    Model No. FG-AF57-GLG
    Green Leopard Glossy
    Size Stock Qty
    2.25 5+
    2.75" 4
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    Model No. FG-AF57-WLM
    White Leopard Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    2.25 4
    2.75" 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First cast with action legs frog over submerged hydrilla, explosion...leg completely bitten off...10 dollars for one cast...maybe just unlucky but too pricey to try another one...

From: Mark: FL 6/8/14

Comments: I started using this product last weekend and the product has great tail action. However, I recommend that you do not buy the black/yellow colored frog. The tail action on that color is horrible and the PVC material that is used is not flexible when retrieved on the water. But all the other colors works fine.

From: Wilmer: Washington, DC 5/5/14

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