Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait 8" Ver. 2

Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait 8

Designed by renowned lure-builder, Mads Grosell, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait is built specifically for tackling big bass. From nostril-to-caudal, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait has an unmatched anatomical accuracy that is based off of a 3D scan of a live hatchery trout. In order to handle the abuse from that bass-of-a-lifetime, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait is built with a durable nylon-mesh material throughout the body.

Once it is engaged, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait slides up the line, so that bass cannot use the weight of the lure to spit the hook. In the back of the head, a specially designed cavity holds the hook securely in place and keeps it from ripping the body during casts and hook sets. In addition, the hook positioning also allows it to move through heavy cover and ensures that bass don’t see any components or hook hangers when they spy it from below.

To best match fishing conditions, the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait is available in three different versions – floating, slow-sink, and sinking. Each model is precisely weighted to entice big bass on the surface, in mid-range depths, and around deep structure, respectively. Put a line through “catch monster bass” on your bucket list with the Savage Gear Line Thru 3D Swimbait.  

 Savage Gear Length Weight Action
Line Thru Swimbait F 8" 3oz  Floating
 Line Thru Swimbait SS 8" 3-1/3oz  Slow-Sinking
 Line Thru Swimbait S 8" 3-2/3oz Sinking 

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5 Colors

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    Model No. LTF-200-BB
    Baby Bass
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 5
    Sinking 5+
    Slow Sink 3
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    Model No. LTF-200-DT
    Dark Trout
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 5+
    Sinking 4
    Slow Sink 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. LTF-200-DS
    Dirty Silver
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 5+
    Sinking 5+
    Slow Sink 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. LTF-200-H
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 5+
    Sinking 5+
    Slow Sink 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. LTF-200-LT
    Light Trout
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 5+
    Sinking 5+
    Slow Sink 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have the fast sinking & the floating models. The sinking model has to be reeled way too fast in order to get the tail moving but the floating model can be reeled nice & slow. I also have a 5" line through trout slow sink that swims perfect. Ive found out that its hit or miss with Savage as far as sink rates & how fast/slow you have to reel to get the tails to work. All of their paddle tailed swimbaits work excellent. I haven't had any issue with slow swimming any of them. For the money Savage can not be beat. Their 3D glide swimmers are awesome (but again its hit or miss on these with the sink rates. Some gliders sink very slow like they are supposed to & others sink way too fast)

From: Tim: Phoenix, AZ 5/6/16

Comments: I gave this bait a try while prefishing Clearlake Ca. on the first cast up shallow and sped it up because I wasn't sure of sink rate. anyway, I quickly cranked it to the surface and it was demolished by a 6+..I was sold. This bait truly looks alive in the H2O.

From: Chad: CO 2/16/16

Comments: I'm having alot of trouble in getting any confidence in the 6". I just don't think its weighted properly. I might try a belly weight but I've tried so many things to keep it from flopping around rolling unnaturally. This thing does not swim like a 3 jointed bait like a triple trout or bull shad. it wobbles all over the place.

From: Ric: NJ 9/10/15

Comments: easiest to use swimbait on the market! ive caught from 2 to 10lbers on this bait. its incredible! holds up very well, swims perfect, isn't too heavy. what else could you ask for!?!

From: Matt: Jupiter, FL 6/29/15

Comments: This bait is Amazing and fair in price. Swims great, moves a lot of water, and most important catches Fat bigs and future pigs. I definitely recommend this swimbait to beginner swimbait anglers and etc.
cheers and happy bass fishing.

From: JC: CA 6/3/14

Comments: Great bait, unfortunately the place where the hooks lies can be torn within a handful of fish thus causing the hook to pop out on the cast/retrieve. Other than that a truly awesome bait that gets choked on

From: Nick: FL 5/8/14

Comments: Great bait! I've been hooking up to some nice largemouth in places where other swimbaits failed. Only complaint is the eyes fall out easily

From: Billy Boy: RI 4/23/14

Comments: Not sure why everyone is saying you cant swim this bait slow? Mine can be cranked super slow to have a realistic action to a point where the back fin is barley moving. In my opinion it looks more realistic then most baits where it has a crazy erratic swimming motion. I dont see too many fish having there whole body goin crazy unless there going 200mphs

From: Bassanator: MA 4/18/14

Comments: The floating version does not float BUT it does suspend off the bottom and looks like a foraging trout and sinks very slowly.  The slow sink sinks pretty slow too and rests perfectly on the bottom like a dying trout. Extremely realistic swim action too.  I did modify the line through a little by running wire through the head and crimping on to the hook and then run the wire maybe 8" and crimp on a barrel swivel to tie the braid in to. This should prevent any line break by sharp musky or pike teeth and also allows for the lure to slide up the wire and out of the way.  Can't wait for the bite to turn up and use these.

From: Drew: VA

Comments: flat out catches fish haven't had a bite when it didn't get hooked up, the hookup ratio was what I was worried about cause the hook is on the top but don't worry the fish inhale it even little 3 pounders inhale it this bait is so good, my go to swimbait for aggressive fish beats my hudds, and haven't lost a fish either, definitly not a waste of money and swims at any speed (slow sink) and big bass choke her down! Just keep grinding, tight lines

From: Austin: CA

Comments: Got the floating version, quite disappointing, it does not swim at slow speeds or you jerk it, it's a bait that you twitch than a swim.

From: Eric: France

Comments: Swims great but not at slow speeds. Have to speed it up  little. Has great swimming action.

From: Carlos: USA

Comments: Bait has great swimming action for its price, great value And it catches FISH. I do recommend replacing the hook with a flat eyed hook such as the VMC 9650 Round Bend Treble 1X or VMC 9649BZ Round bend - Bronze color in both. be sure to sharpen the hooks, and Pinch the barb and bend the side of the hook out that goes "into" the bait so the hook can come free easier, Increase hook up ratio and get the bait sliding up the line. The slow sink has a very nice "super slow" all-around retrieve speed and the sinking model has a nice slow-fast retrieve speed.

From: John: West Hills, CA

Comments: I've had my line thru for about a week now. I was lucky enough to spot them sitting in a box at Bass Pro Shops not even stocked on shelves so I asked one of the employees and he said they were for sale so obviously I got one.  Holy crap. You will not be disappointed with this bait. You can slow roll it, jerk it to flick the tail, dead stick it to have it glide down to the bottom. It looks beautiful in the water and will become especially deadly when the waters start warming up.

From: Sterling: San Diego, CA

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