A cross between a popper and a prop bait, the Savage Gear Prop Prey offers the best of both worlds. You can chug it along the surface, and it will produce the killer spitting and splashing action of a popper, all the while the prop is spinning and putting off additional surface disturbance akin to that of a prop bait. Part of Savage Gear’s finesse line of lures, it features incredibly lifelike detailing and coloring perfect for clear water situations and finicky fish. Even the premium, super sharp Japanese treble hooks and split rings feature finishes that are color coordinated to the baits’ color schemes for the most realistic presentation possible. A rear feather teaser adds additional action and helps balance out the bait. Available in a variety of colors, the Savage Gear Prop Prey takes topwater fishing to the next dimension.

Savage Gear Length Weight Class
Prop Prey 4" 2/5oz Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: SGT u can also try adding a small single shank hook to the rear and then put a small (3-4")dropshot worm on for a trailer to act as a tail (mouse/rat bait) I have done this a few times when I was getting no action and that lil trick turned the bite back on.

From: Steveo

Comments: Great little Top Water bait. Have not used it much but when i did I had no problem getting them to bite it. I did replace the feathers on the back with a featered Treble hook though. Might not have needed to but all it takes is that one getting away that makes you wish you did.

From: SGT Seutter: US

Comments: My new fav lil top water pop spitter,this thing is quality from front to back.i got the black rat and it produces well,2nd time out...7lb 2oz smallie.

From: Steveo US of A

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