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The Savage Gear Sandeel Slug has a solid front body that is perfect for anchoring a hook, and won’t tear as easily as traditional plastic, combined with a hollow tail section that makes the lure float and collapses on hooksets for a better hookup ratio. Fish it on an weighted or unweighted offset hook, or on a sandeel jighead by cutting off the head behind the eyes, the Savage Gear Sandeel Slug features brilliant detailing and a killer swimming action.

Length Quantity
5.5" 6
6.5" 5
8" 4

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Comments: These are a great drop shot or wacky rigged worm. The smallest size is deadly. Air filled so you don't have to overwork the bait and long pauses are deadly. Great product. This season I will try them on a shakey head.

From: Bill: Utah

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