Savage Gear Stealth Spike - $4.99

The Savage Gear Stealth Spike was built to give the Savage Gear 3D Craw a unique back sliding action on the drop and killer defensive crawfish posture on the retrieve. To use the Savage Gear Stealth Spike, just insert the round end of the spike through the chest until it is immediately below the antennae, and then secure the bait keeper into the rear of the bait.  Once the spike is in place, run the super-sharp, short shank 2X forged hook (included) through nose of the Savage Gear 3D Craw and the round bend of the spike. Perfect for fishing around docks and tree overhangs, the one-two punch of the Savage Gear Stealth Spike and Savage Gear 3D Caw is absolutely irresistible. 

Savage Gear  Hook Weight Quantity
Stealth Spike  2/0 1/3oz 2 Spikes & 2 Hooks 
Stealth Spike  1/0 1/10oz 3 Spikes & 3 Hooks 
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Savage Gear Stealth Spike

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Savage Gear Stealth Spike 1/3oz 2/0 $4.99
Savage Gear Stealth Spike 1/10oz 1/0 $4.99
Savage Gear Stealth Spike 1/16oz 2/0 $4.99

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