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Offering a smaller profile than the vast majority of lipless crankbaits, the Savage Gear Vibra Prey is a perfect for those times of year when bass are chasing smaller baitfish. Part of Savage Gear’s finesse line of lures, it features incredibly lifelike detailing and coloring perfect for clear water situations and finicky fish as well. Even the premium, super sharp Japanese treble hooks and split rings feature finishes that are color coordinated to the baits’ color schemes for the most realistic presentation possible. Great for burning through the water or ripping out of the grass, it is loaded with tungsten rattles and delivers an excellent vibrating action with a tremendous flash. Available in a variety of proven colors, the Savage Gear Vibra Prey is a great tool for matching the hatch in your local waters.

Savage Gear Length Weight Class
Vibra Prey 62 2-1/2" 2/5oz Sinking
Vibra Prey 70 2-7/8" 3/4oz Sinking
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