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Save Phace Sport Utility Goggles - $9.99 to $19.99

Save Phace is known as the World Leader in Face Protection! As a simple alternative to the full-face masks, Save Phace has released a new eye goggle to protect your eye’s while screaming at high speeds in your boat! Available at an affordable price, the new Save Phace Grunt Series - Sport Utility Goggle will protect your eyes when you're running across the lake during those frigid mornings!
The new Save Phace Grunt Series Sport Utility Goggles are easy to store either below your seat, on the throttle or in your console. Save Phace has a fantastic reputation in the fishing/offroad industry - and for all serious anglers eye protection is simply a must!
-Guaranteed Not to Fog!
-100% UVA/UVB Protection
-Tear Away Lens Protectors Available
-Distortion Free Viewing
-Comfortable Sure Grip Adjustable Strap
-Military Grade Anti-Fog / Anti-Scratch coatings

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Save Phace Sport Utility Goggles

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