Here is a way to save your face from rain that can feel like a 1,000 stinging needles, and your watery eyes from the cold wind. Eliminate sudden extreme pain from hitting bugs @ 60+ mph, windblown faces, flapping cheeks and the ringing in your ears from the howling wind. NO more soggy ski masks! The Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Handpainted Series Masks will keep you dry and comfortable for the entire day of fishing. It's easily stowed in your tackle bin, glove box or under the seat, or hung around the throttle. It's lightweight, VERY comfortable, doesn't get in your way AND it looks COOL! NO more goggles that FOG UP. The Save Phase SIMPLY SICK Series Mask lenses WILL NOT fog up, so you can see anything in the water under any conditions.

The Save Phase SIMPLY SICK Handpainted Series Mask is constructed from tough, durable ABS plastic with an interchangeable smoke Polycarbonate lens and an anti-fog coating. Improved dual pane thermal lens technology also offers improved anti-fog capabilities. The mask fits firmly on your face using a foam gasket and an adjustable straps.

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