Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Series Masks

Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Series Masks
Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Series Mask Black Mamba
In Stock: 5+
Price: $73.49
  • Color: Black Mamba
Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Series Mask Troubled Water
In Stock: 5+
Price: $73.49
  • Color: Troubled Water

Here is a way to save your face from rain that can feel like a 1,000 stinging needles, and your watery eyes from the cold wind. Eliminate sudden extreme pain from hitting bugs @ 60+ mph, windblown faces, flapping cheeks and the ringing in your ears from the howling wind. NO more soggy ski masks! The Save Phace SIMPLY SICK Series Masks will keep you dry and comfortable for the entire day of fishing. It's easily stowed in your tackle bin, glove box or under the seat, or hung around the throttle. It's lightweight, VERY comfortable, doesn't get in your way AND it looks COOL! NO more goggles that FOG UP. The Save Phase SIMPLY SICK Series Mask lenses WILL NOT fog up, so you can see anything in the water under any conditions.

Each Save Phase SIMPLY SICK Series Mask is constructed from tough, durable ABS plastic with an interchangeable smoke Polycarbonate lens and an anti-fog coating. The mask fits firmly on your face using a foam gasket and an adjustable strap. The price difference in each series reflects the paint jobs. All the masks feature the same great fit and comfort.

Please note: Storage bag not included.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Tired of the fogging issues. Scary when it fogs up running wot . Have tried different lenses and that didn't help.

From: Mike: Erwin: North Carolina 2/17/17

Comments: Great to have. Definitely a need as a non-boater. I have never ever had it fog up on me. If you want it to not fog up always place it face down or moisture will condense on the inside and when you put it on you will have problems. Also having a good seal around your face will help keep it from fogging up. This has always worked great rain or shine in all temperatures.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 9/13/15

Comments: The mask has it's time and place. It is great at knocking off the wind, protecting you against rain, and keeping the cold off your face. I think it is a MUST HAVE for a co-angler. However, they really should stop advertising that these things are 100% anti-fog because they are not. I have tried all the lenses and all of them fog in cold weather and especially in cool, rainy weather. If the temperature is below 55-60 degrees, then it is not safe to try and drive a boat with it on because it WILL fog every time.

From: Jason: VA 2/4/15

Comments: Bad Foam on some masks. I bought the Ill series 2 years ago, and liked it so much my dad and brother bought masks but the regular one. Stored in the same spot in my boat, the foam where my face hits is deteriorating making it flying in my eyes when using. Not sure if my face had sunscreen on or something like that so I just wanted to buy replacement foams. Well they sell them but in a "kit" with another lens(that I don't need) for very close to a brand new mask! Emailing them yielded nothing but sorry that's the only way we sell the mask. Pathetic. going to find some cheap goggles and use the foam from them.

From: Andy: Houma LA

Comments: Great product for protection but fogs up constantly unless it's really warm out. Even tried the thermal lens and had the same issues.

From: Todd: Spokane Valley, WA

Comments: All of the cheap foam that makes it meet up with your face has since fallen off. Fogs up, but I use anti-fog. Still fogs tho. Mine is about four years old, but hell... wasn't worth the price. Better than nothing, sure.

From: meatwad: phace was not saved

Comments: I have one of these masks and it does do a good job with protecting your face frong stinging rain.  However, it fogs up way too easy for my tastes.  Take away the fog-factor and it would be perfect.

From: Thomas: Columbia Sc

Comments: This mask really saves your face from all the elements! I never fish a tourney without it! Has come in handy on many occasions, from rain, bugs, cold wind and more! Definitely worth the price 10 times over! Ordered mine from TW several months ago, came with a defective lens and TW replaced it at no charge! :)

From: Shark: Where Blue Angels Fly, MD

Comments: Simply Amazing... ran in heavy rain, and no wind or rain bothered me... If you run in a boat, you NEED one of these...

From: Jason: Weatogue: CT

Comments: Just my two cents...These mask are good for the cold but they fog up very easy.  I usually stop during the ride to wipe the inside of my lens or just take them off.  But again, you see people with these all the time. 

From: Suga Daddy: Cal Delta

Comments: This is one of the best pieces of fishing equipment I have ever owned. You fire up your boat and it is 40 degrees outside and you have 10 miles to run before you start fishing. You are so cold when you get there that your face is frozen. At the end of the day it is bloody red and blistered from the wind and sun that you look like you have been sun bathing in Nov. I bought me one of the save phace mask and now I can run as fast and as far as I want to and feel comfortable doing it. Every bass fisherman should own at least 2 of these masks. One for you and one for your wife or buddy. They are totally awesome and do what they are supposed to do. Tacklewarehouse keeps every thing you need if you need.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

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