A tasty little morsel for any bass, the Sawamura One’up Shad features a segmented body made from super soft plastic. Effective at any speed, it’s body-style and tapered paddle tail work together to create an irresistible fluttering vibration. The Sawamura One’up Shad is available in multiple sizes and can be fished as a jig trailer, or on weighted or non-weighted swimbait hook. A hook slot on the back of the bait also allows for rock solid hook sets. Dressed in Trump attractant that fish love, and available in a wide assortment of colors, the Sawamura One’up Shad will have you tipping your cap, and the scales. 

Length Quantity
4" 7
5" 6
6" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This was the first soft swimbait that I used 7 years ago overseas.  They are still the best in my opinion.  They are MUCH softer than the gambler and are a blatant copy of these baits. (I do have 10+ bags of gamblers) Also these track better than the evolve but are the same softness.  The seductive wiggle these have are the absolute best.  They tear easily but with a little plastics glue, they will last longer.  try a spring inserted into the nose then run your ewg through that to increase durability.

From: Steve: NYC, SF, KR, World wide

Comments: I have fished these Sawamuras. Here's the fact: they look and feel as the same bait as the Gambler EZ's. This family of baits is great, they run better then dippers, or any other paddletails, but evolve darkstar swimmers top this category. The darkstars have the best body break and you can clearly see the better swimming action. do your own field test... ull see.

From: Mad Dog: Ohio

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