The Scum Frog Thundertoad motors over water with the same tenacity and commotion as a standard buzzbait – except with one little secret - it floats. Not having to constantly reel to keep the Scum Frog Thundertoad on top of the water gives anglers a more effective way to cover water. The Scum Frog Thundertoad is ideal for a stop-and-go retrieve, and allows for pausing around hot spots without sinking. The Scum Frog Thunder Toad is also fitted with a premium prop blade that creates an enormous surface disturbance as it moves over the water. Give the Scum Frog Thunder Toad a try and you’ll see what the “buzz” is about.


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Customer Reviews

Comments: JUNK! Just got mine in. After 15 casts, one of the plastic arms on the buzz bait part broke off. Did not get hung up, hit a rock or anything. Won't be buying anymore!

From: Tim: Daniels, WV

Comments: Great concept, but I have problems with the frog flipping upside down, and then the hooks get caught on everything. It's almost like it needs a belly weight or something to keep the frog from rotating, the little bend in the wire is not enough. Pretty much unusable because of this.

From: Mike: PA

Comments: i got 6 of these frogs for xmas last year. i did'nt fish them until late summer of this year. that was a mistake. i own and fish just about every fake frog on the market and there are some great one's around. this little frog is a bass catcher! i rate it up there with any buzz frog made. it's also fun to chunk and fun is what we all look for in fishing unless you let $$ get in the way all the scum frog's are good but this one stand's out.

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

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