Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Line

Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Line

The Seaguar Red label Fluorocarbon Line is 100% Fluorocarbon designed to be an everyday freshwater go-to line with all the knot and tensile strength--as well as the nearly invisible performance of 100% fluorocarbon--in an economical package that everyone can appreciate.

Line Diameter 6lb 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb
Inches .008 .009 .010 .012 .013 .016
Millimeters .185 .235 .260 .310 .330 .405

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 6lb 200yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 8lb 200yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 10lb 200yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 12lb 200yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 15lb 200yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 20lb 175yd $14.99 10+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 6lb 1000yd $49.99 2+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 8lb 1000yd $49.99 2+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 10lb 1000yd $49.99 2+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 12lb 1000yd $59.99 2+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 15lb 1000yd $64.99 2+
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 20lb 1000yd $74.99 2+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love this line, only brand of flourocarbon i use on the market! I buy this time and time again, it is very abrasion resistant + it is very nicely priced. I have no clue what people are talking about when they say this line doesn't hold up! I've used the 12, 15, and 20 lb and they ALL hold up with great performance! 10/10 for me!

From: Nick: Chester, VA 2/8/17

Comments: I don't know what some of these people talking about. I love this line. I run braid on everything n use his for leaders & never have problems. It's handles zebra mussels better then any pound braid. For knots I see a polymer, wet your knots & u will never have a problem

From: Ryan: Cortland, NY 8/2/16

Comments: This line is surprisingly tough bought the 6lb & I landed multiple 3 to 4lb bass without any flouro complications great knot strength good cast ability & fair abrasion resistance for the pound test I was throwing really impressed keep up the good work

From: Brian: OH 7/12/16

Comments: This is the best Flurocarbon line you can buy for the money! Strong & is very sensitive with the right gear! The only problem I have had with this line is the memory on the line. It's not bad at all after the first day of use. When you put the line on your reel and go out fishing you will backlash a couple of times. Once you get the line tight on your reel & break it in it cast pretty well! If you have the extra money go to invizex but this is a great line for the money!

From: Kayden: IN 6/24/16

Comments: the best budget fluorocarbon. the 8lb handled a 5lb catfish in a brush pile. 20lb is very strong i use the san diego jam knot & the improved clinch knot. im very impressed with this line.

From: Collin: IL 6/7/16

Comments: This line is fantastic. Anybody who has problems just doesn't know how tie knots for flouro , I use a uni knot or polamor knot never had problems ever. I use #20 for pitching jigs to heavy cover and have pulled several big bass out of thick pads no problem.

From: Hunter: Pascagoula, MS 5/26/16

Comments:Big fan of Seaguar, not this series on line. The line has good castability, invisibility, tensile strength, but lacks in abrasion resistance & having low memory. Treated the line with KVD conditioner & still retained lots of memory. It performs best on a baitcaster & horrible on a spinning reel in my opinion. In the future I will stick to their InvizX series, which I have no complaints about.

From: Big Steve: Mid Hudson Valley, NY 5/22/16

Comments: I've been using Red Label for several years now & it is great. I use spectra for 95% of my fishing & Red Label is what I use for my leader material. I have NEVER had this line fail on me. If you tie good knots & recheck your line often while fishing, you will be fine. Well worth the money.

From: Ryan: Castaic, CA 5/17/16

Comments: Loved these jigs for river fishing in WV they will hang up easier than most jigs with heavier weed guards but the slower fall rate makes this bait trigger strikes only problem I have had is not getting some 3/8 oz can be a little difficult to get the 1/4 oz down in deeper water with current.

From: Lance: Nitro, WV 5/5/16

Comments: This is probably the worst line i've ever bought. tried every knot & blue gills bust me off on 8lbs test. now Seaguar invisx on the other hand. that stuff must be made of dreams because its perfect.


Comments: I have recently purchased the 8lb for my spinning rod, this line (on the same spool & bait) held up to 38 in muskie, two 3lb smallies & 10 2lbers this line is well worth the little money you have to pay!


Comments: Overall this line is not too bad. If you have the extra money go ahead & get invizx. If not this line will work good just be careful tying your knots & check your line constantly.

From: Dalton: Chattanooga, TN 3/19/16

Comments: This is extremely good line.  Casts well, and durable. Using 15 lb test line & a San Diego Jam knot this line answered the call and landed a 38" stripper. 

From: Terry: Glen Burnie, MD 1/15/16

Comments: never getting this again! Just strung up my new swimbait rod with 20lb test. After three casts I watch my hudd sail off into the middle of the lake never to be seen again. I was so disappointed.

From: Caden: San Diego, CA 12/31/15

Comments: I use this line on most of my reels. Its really smooth and sensitive. For the price you really can't beat it. For the people that have a problem with it don't check their line for abrasions or have knot tying problems. The line is great if you take 5 seconds to check your line after a snag or landing a fish. For me its either this or Tatsu line but coming from the same company you'll know your not going to get let down.

From: Justin: NY 12/27/15

Comments: This line is great, I don't see why anyone would use any other Fluro. I switched from the expensive Sunline Sniper to red label and notice 0 difference for a fraction of the price.

From: Mike: Stroudsburg, PA 12/20/15

Comments: absolutely the best flourocarbon for the price. Used it for buzzbait a & caught a 4 pounder & 3 pounder plus three or four in the 2 1/2 range & was flawless. Also used it for Texas rigged beaver baits, fishing along the banks & the k it's held great (uni knot) & did not miss a bass & none were under 2 lbs. great line

From: Koltin: USA 12/17/15

Comments: Can't believe so many people like this line. I bought this line expecting the performance of the rest of the seaguar line up & this line certainly didn't give the results I was expecting.I got 12 lb test & constantly lost and had to retie lures. Invisx is definatly worth the extra money

From: Quinn: USA 11/3/15

Comments:  I use 8 lb on 2 different rods, one fully spooled and the other with braid mainline and red label leader. I use 10 lb on my shallow cranking rod & 12 on my deep cranks. 15 lb on my flipping rod and 20 lb on my swimbait rod. I trust this line enough to throw my 6 Oz deps 250 on 20 lb line. Been using it for 3 years and only had a couple fish break off which were probably my fault for not re-tying. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

From: Brandan: Salt Lake, Utah 10/28/15

Comments: The more I use this line the less I want to buy anything else. The 15lb is great! the 12lb is great! the 20lb. great! This stuff is just too smooth & strong to ignore. it is super strong & reliable & I must say this line has 100% of my confidence. This is a very good line. The sensitive is out standing.

From: Calvin: Jackson, MI 10/18/15

Comments: except for a couple errors on my part, this line has yet to fail me in the three years I've been using it. I've used different brands and more expensive fluorocarbons and I personally just cant justify spending top dollar when I get great and consistent performance from red label.

From: Clint: NC 9/10/15

Comments: i bought 12 pound because i didnt have enough money for trilene and im impressed i uses it mostly for medium cranks and i love it i bang it in to rick alot and dont have to retie as often as pline fluoroclear

From: Daniel: USA 9/9/15

Comments: This is a very good line. I use it for fly-fishing and its as good as or in some cases better than many of the expensive ones out there.

From: Pat: Ireland 8/7/15

Comments: Take my advice: never use it as leader material if you plan on using a knot-to-knot connection. I was using 15# Red Label to 30# Power pro and broke off two fish on the hook set(Don't try and tell me I tie bad knots; it works just fine with the exact same knots and main line with 12# P-Line Ultimate). That aside, it works fine as main line. I haven't had problems with it in that application. Overall, decent line, certainly worth picking up a spool if you're interested.

From: Nick: San Francisco, CA 7/25/15

Comments: :this is the best line I have ever used. Anyone who complains of it breaking is either tying their knot wrong or simply not checking at obvious times for frays. Last year I used it all year but changed my line often 3-4 times all year and I fish a lot no issues. Tried simplifying things this year and haven't changed my line from March and it is still strong. Very surprised with its longetivity!!!

From: Evan: WV 7/19/15

Comments: This line is outstanding, inexpensive, and will last a long time provided you use for leaders. Don't spool up with it. Use a power pro mainline, get a spool of equal diameter red label, splice it with a uni-uni knot and you're good to go. It's abrasion resistant, so a little nick will NOT cause it to fail. It's invisible for any water. It's thin for better bait performance. Best of all, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, so you can get a spool of every size for what it would cost for one 1000 yd spool of something else and be ready for anything.

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 7/18/15

Comments: Used this in 12ib for my baitcaster and I am quite impressed. It's castable but a bit stiff. For the money as other have mentioned it's not bad. I have yet to have a break off or any unbearable birds nest on my casting reel. Give it a try.

From: T. Vang: WI 6/30/15

Comments: Exceptional line! I use 10lb red label for all my crankbait rods. It can handle a 1oz bait all day long. I have complete faith in it AND it is the most reasonably prices fluro on the market.

From: Brandon: Fort Knox, KY 6/30/15

Comments: The reason this line is so poor is because the diameter of for example their 10lb line is about as small in diameter as 6lb line, so one little nick and it's broken instantly. I am amazed at how popular this line is for such low quality!

From: Brett: USA 6/16/15

Comments: for the money, you can't beat Seagar red label. I use 10 & 12 for crankin & 15 for just about everything else. Very good, inexpensive & strong !

From: Banks: Kimberly, AL 6/10/15

Comments: The more I use this line the less I want to buy anything else. The 10 pound is great! The 15lb is great! the 12lb is great! the 20lb.... great! This stuff is just too smooth and strong to ignore. I am not a fish so I cannot attest to its visibility under water.

From: Nate: Pasco, WA 6/5/15

Comments: I'm not going to give this line a bad review yet bought 17lb for my worm rod very wirey get a lot of backlashs. But im going to get a bigger swimbait rod soon and try it on that only casting big heavy baits if it does not work for that im going back to Berkeley 100 % Floro which is what I'm putting on my worm rod

From: Nick: Defuniak Springs, FL 5/16/15

Comments: Great Value for the Money, however, I wouldn't buy anything less than 10lb. I used 12 at first, and had zero problems, when I converted that rod to my braid rod, I bought 10lb test for my cranker, and It was horrible. Lost a few lures because it would snap off at the knot. Switched to 12lb Abraze-X and have had zero problems.

From: Sam: MO 4/15/15

Comments: I fish 100 days a year. I have tried them all and I mean ALL. I have tried the Japanese Fluoro, Berkley, Blue label you name it. There are some expensive lines out there that might preform a tiny bit better, I have not encountered any situation were this line did not preform as expected. More often than not the line exceed my exectations. I fish lakes, streams, rivers and creeks if its fresh water and contains fish I have fished it. This line is well worth the money. Learn the seaguar knot and you will not be sorry. The clinch knot and even the blood knot can fail if it is tied improperly. The seaguar knot reduces the friction when tightening down on the knot. Tight lines and good luck!

From: Cal: UT 3/25/15

Comments: Without question this is the best low dollar flourocarbon on the market. Seaguar is the only company in the world that manufacturers their own resin for their lines so they are able to make a better quality line at a lower price than any of their competitors.

From: Rob: Lewistown, PA 1/29/15

Comments: really the best bang for your buck at $10. I use it on every reel i have and I'm amazed at how strong it is.  even used it for surf fishing and stands up very well. 

From: Slade: CA 1/18/15

Comments: I bought this line in 15lb test for my jig rod, fished it maybe three trips and pulled it back off. The line is really strong and abrasion resistant, but it is the stiffest line I have ever used. It also had a bit more stretch than I was expecting.

From: Michael: Leland, NC 12/28/14

Comments: awesome line for the price, I've used the 12lb for my square bills, traps, and jerk baits and I've pulled in tons of fish in the 5-9lb range this season, no break offs or complaints great job seaguar !

From: Alex: Miami, FL 12/9/14

Comments: I've fished a few fluoros and had to trash them because they're just too stiff. But this line is limp and still has the benefits of fluoro. 6 or 8 on drop shots, shaky heads and small jigs can't be beat for the price

From: Greg: Lake Nacimiento, CA 11/20/14

Comments: I like sun line but it's too much money. Used 12 lb and caught many 3lb plus smallies, seems to be very strong for 12.  Interested to see if there is a big difference in thickness and stiffness between this and 15

From: AL: USA 11/2/14

Comments: This is a solid, inexpensive fluorocarbon. It is much better than other cheap fluoros on the market. It is strong, sensitive, and a pleasure to cast and pitch. The only thing I have noticed is that after a few trips it turns a milky white color and I have found that break offs are more common when this occurs. Other than that, a solid fluoro that is the backbone of my line arsenal.

From: Nick: IL 8/9/14

Comments: best of the cheaper flouros for sure. and around $40 for 1000yrds isn't bad either. but because it is cheaper I would respool it often. I usually fish sniper or invisix but gave this a try based on price. only spooled up one reel with it just to try it out ,team gold, and it was great the first 3-4 times out catching 3-5lbers. I use kvd line conditioner and it still got significantly weaker after a few trips. good line for the price but imo make sure you respool often or cut 10-15 yards off after a few trips lost two traps at st. clair making that mistake myself.   

From: Will: MI 7/25/14

Comments: I tourney bass fish and fun fish with 10 lb red label and love it! Great product for the money. If your having problems casting this put it on an abu Garcia or bass pro baitcaster and you will see amazing results.  It's the reels not the line this stuff is awesome! 

From: Donnie: Mansfield, OH 7/13/14

Comments: Ok, so I've tried and reviewed at least 10-12 different fluoro lines over the last 5 years or so and this is my take on this line. This red label is very strong, has good abrasion resistance, and has decent castability. It does tend to have some stiffness and memory, alot more than Gamma and Sunline, BUT I was actually surprised that this line was as good as it is, especially for the extremely low cost. $11.00 is very inexpensive for a good fluorocarbon line. It's not as good as Gamma, P-line, and Sunline Sniper, but for the price, it's a great line with a lot of strength. I use the 15lb. test and it's never failed me yet. Great job Seaguar!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC 7/9/14

Comments: On the advise of a fried I tried the 15 lb and 12 lb test. I found it hard and difficult to cast. Extremely stiff and felt heavy when casting. I can't speak for strength and durability, I didn't get that far.

From: Steve: North Charleston, SC 7/5/14

Comments: very good line! Have been fishing it this past spring and have caught several bass over 5 lbs. No break offs and  heck, I haven't retied more than a few times and only when changing baits! Plus, I use a Palomar knot with it and no knot problems whatsoever!

From: J.R.: Morton, TX 6/20/14

Comments: Awesome line, regardless of price. I've now caught a 53 and 40 inch musky throwing DT's for Smallmouth with 12 lb Red Label on a Revo S. Both ripped drag like crazy. The 53 had it wrapped around his mouth the first time I got him to the boat, thought for sure it would break on his teeth. 6 charges later he was in the boat. Could not recommend more.

From: Ryan: Arbor Vitae, WI 5/15/14

Comments: I have been using the 12lb test on a Tatula for bass and striper in Central Cali all season and love it. Often when I get caught on a small log or rooted bush, I end up pulling the entire thing out of the water with literally no damage to the line itself. This is within reason of course. Pretty amazing for 12lb test, plus its cheap. As for people getting break offs, I have found that making a few short casts to "loosen" everything up and to get rid of any memory before launching my baits really helps to reduce potential birds nests. With that said, I fish free spool and have been extremely satisfied with its overall performance. Definitely recommended.

From: Kevin: CA 5/14/14

Comments: This has been my favorite fluro yet. Never had a break off and its very manageable for a Fluorocarbon line. The only negative thing i could say is i think it has just as much stretch as mono.

From: Cameron: VA 4/20/14

Comments: I use spinning gear. I always wanted to try fluoro and after seeing Seaguar advertises it as a spinning gear-friendly line and reading reviews here, I decided to buy 2 spools. At first I was quite disappointed when, after filling the spool with the 10lb, I saw the line coming off like a spring. I envisioned huge bird nests but I was surprised that every cast was problem free (I used lipless cranks). Then I tried the 6lb on my UL reel and I expected the worst but frankly, the 6lb behaved even better. I am now able to work my UL lures a bit deeper. I recommend this line to anyone who wants to use it with spinning gear.

From: Peter: CA 4/8/14

Comments: I have been using this line for the past two seasons fishing the mighty Mississippi. Let me tell you with all the zebra mussels in there this line holds up. I use #17 and #20 lb when flippin jigs and soft plastics to rocks and wood cover that are loaded with mussels and I know I will get the bass out of there without breaking off! Great line!

From: Russ: IL 3/22/14

Comments: i use the red label in 17lb on my swimbait rod and it holds up very well, chunking 3-5oz hudds, rago skt swimmers and savage line thru and hav. Caught 7 fish over 12 lbs last year biggest being 13.60 and i horsed them in, great product and has never failed me will be using this line for years to come.

From: Brad: TX

Comments: best fluorocarbon I have used especially for the price. Super smooth casting,low memory,superior knot and abrasion strength. Obviously review by unknown person has no idea how to use a baitcaster or tie knots if he is breaking this line casting and getting birds nest.

From: David: VA

Comments: I've used invisX and that Vicious CRAP. This red label is all that! Very low memory and hella knot strength. Haven't had any breaks either

From: Stone: Charlotte, NC

Comments: great line, great price and super strong, I use it for a main line and a flouro leader.

From: Chris: IL

Comments: Absoultely great for the money. Use 15# on my all purpose rod, 12# on my cranking rod, 10# on my jerkbait rod, and 20# on my jig/flipping rods. It has not failed me once, and personally when I find something good I stick with it and that's what I have done with this line.

From: Morgan: Plano, Texas

Comments: This is some amazing fluorocarbon. Cheap, strong, sensitive, easy casting... It has it all. Get this line

From: Doug: Florence, AL

Comments: Great Line, I have been nothing but impressed, if you put a little line conditioner on it, it will perform like a much higher end line. Good buy.

From: Logan: NJ

Comments: The 10 lb line has cost me 3 jerk baits it isn't very abrasion resistant I also have the 8 for finesse fishing and not problems there.

From: Nick: Redding CA

Comments: I must say I always find myself going back to this line is troubled situations and in times of anger, its not only just the cheapest fluro out there but it is super strong and reliable and I must say this line has 100% of my confidence.

From: Tyler: Orange county, CA

Comments: Hands down the best fluoro on the market for a great price. i have the 10lb and the 17lb and theyre both awesome

From: Tyler: Cincy, Ohio

Comments: I used the 15 pound to ledge fish on kentucky and barkley all year last year.  it performed awesome.  no problems what so ever

From: LA: Lyon County, KY

Comments: Just bought this stuff and man 20lb is very stiff but you can manage it if you put it on tight. I love this line I have tried almost all the mid price fluoro line this stuff so far with be what I use when I use Fluoro and not braid. dont hesitate to buy this stuff it is really good

From: Robert: Austin, TX 

Comments: I am using ten pound test for a few of my baitcast setups. This line is very smooth. It casts lot better than most fluorocarbon. I am hoping that I can start using this line for all of my reaction bait fishing. So far it seems promising.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

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