The Sebile A.T. Floating Worm isn't just another worm, it is designed to work under all conditions, around all underwater terrains - hence its name the A.T. or All-Terrain Worm. It features a hollow body and a tough formulation, the combination of which, give it the feeling of a very soft, supple plastic. It also floats, making it extremely effective on a variety of rigs, and its thick V-shaped head and convenient hook slots make rigging easy and precise. Extremely versatile and available in a variety of colors, your imagination is the only limitation with the Sebile A.T. Floating Worm.

Be sure to check out the 2010 ICAST videos with the creator, Patrick Sebile, demonstrating the different ways to use and rig the Sebile A.T. Floating Minnow. (Click icon below main image)

Length Quantity
5" 8
6" 7
7.5" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: This worm is sick, I usually rig it with the sebile soft weight system and it walks the dog like no ones business. Cast it out, slow walk it back. Caught a lot of fish on this worm. I use the grn/pump and the blue flake.

Comments: also not sure why TW only has these "token floating worm colors" cuz it's 10x more than a floating worm...i wouldnt even suggest it weightless unless u want a truly floating work. But it comes in other colors...a local shop has "standard" colors like green pumpkin, pumpkin...and some others...

From: Tanner: MA, USA

Comments: VERY serious bait on a carolina rig...glides and floats so well...each time u bump or drag over a rock it re-directs the "glide" like a fluke...also great for working a C-rig fast as a search tool...it will swim perfect agove the bottom. This is a versatile bait and on a weighted hook, great fluke or senko alternative...works well on a shakey head...almost endless posibilities. If ur a fan of the old double-hook worms of old, this is made to be able to be rigged that way easily w/ the pre-done holes. It's more durable than most baits as well...Try a bag or two. I am not a big Sebile fan but these have a good design.

From: Tanner: Mass, USA

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