Crafted by visionary lure designer, Patrick Sebile, the Sebile Action First Bull Crank Shallow Runner is a devastating tool for targeting bass that are hiding out in shallow water. Built with a heavy emphasis on action, the Sebile Action First Bull Crank Shallow has an external weighting system and a fat profile that give it a wide hunting movement and tremendous vibration. Perfect around finicky fish, the Sebile Action First Bull Crank Shallow is built without a rattle, so that you can be extra stealthy when moving through shallow water. Available in wide range of stunning colors, the Sebile Action First Bull Crank Shallow will put your shallow water gear to the test – and that’s no bull.

The Sebile Action First Series is designed to produce an effective action at a reasonable price - bottom line. In order to accomplish this task, the Action First line is equipped with an innovative external weighting system comprised of zinc. This weighting system allows the lures to track true at any speed, and also acts as an anchor for the hook hangers, so you can feel confident when pulling hard on big fish. Offered at a competitive price point, the Action First Series places the utmost importance on functionality and come ready to fish right out the package.

Sebile Action First  Length Weight Class Depth
Bull Crank Shallow Runner 2" 1/4oz Floating  3-5ft
Bull Crank Shallow Runner 2-1/2" 1/2oz Floating 4-7ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Had this crank for awhile and finally gave it ago and decided to throw it when I wasn't catching anything on anything else. Caught 8 bass with it then the next cast I felt it not working. I assumed that it was tangled with my line on one of the trebles. I reeled it in to find out that the bill was broken in half. I wasn't even fishing rocks or wood! Just clean water with some grass on the bottom! Great crank with great action but will never spend another 7 bucks on it until they redesign the bill.

From: Nick: NY 9/25/14

Comments: I used this crank bait several times so far and have to say I like it a lot. I find the quality is top notch and so far have caught a bass, crappie and 9lb blue cat with it. It runs true and straight right out of the package and has great action.

From: Wes: Harrison, TN 4/22/14

Comments: Same as JD. It runs pretty well and on the 3rd cast it felt as if I i was tangled on my own line. I reeled it in and the bill was gone..... Cheap lure.

From: Patrick: OH 4/2/14

Comments: I liked the way this lure performed...for the first three casts. I lightly slapped it against the water to clear some weeds from the hook before my 4th cast, and the bill broke clean off. What a cheap piece of junk - I've never seen such flimsy construction on a crank. People talk smack about Strike King, Luhr Jensen and Mann's cranks, but I've never had a bill snap off on one of these "cheap" cranks, even when I've accidentally thrown them up on rocks. Hopefully TW will refund the purchase of this garbage.

From: JD: CA

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