The Sebile Action First Bull Minnow is the brainchild of lure-maker Patrick Sebile and it is designed to give anglers a big, fat-bodied bait for working around structure and schooling fish. Equipped with Sebile’s exclusive external weighting system, the Sebile Action First Bull Minnow is ideal for powerfishing situations and particularly effective around aggressive fish. Internally, the Sebile Action First Bull Minnow is built with a single mass transfer bead that allows it to produce long distance casts and a distinct knocking noise. Want more action? Get more action – with the Sebile Action First Bull Minnow.

The Sebile Action First series is designed to give anglers an effective action - bottom line. In order to accomplish this task, the Action First line is equipped with an innovative external weighting system comprised of zinc. This weighting system allows the lures to track true at any speed, and also acts as an anchor for the hook hangers, so you can feel confident when pulling hard on a big fish. Offered at a competitive price point, the Action First Series places the utmost importance on functionality and come ready to catch right out the package. 

Sebile Action First Length Weight Class Depth
Bull Minnow 4" 1/2oz Floating 2-5ft
Bull Minnow  5" 3/4oz Floating  3-6ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Bull Minnow is my new favorite Sebile lure for largemouth bass angling. The quality of the Bull Minnow's body, eyes, hardware, and finish are typical of Sebile's very high standards. In particular, the robust treble hooks on the lure do not require replacements since they already have a suitably wide gap, are adequately large for the lure's body, and are extremely sharp. The Bull Minnow is specifically designed for fast retrieves and aggressive fishing techniques. With its weight transfer system, it casts like a bullet. Used as a crank-bait, it has a nice wide wobble on a very fast retrieve and a more subtle but action packed rocking wobble on a moderately fast retrieve, both likely to provoke feeding strikes. Used as a jerk-bait, it swims very erratically when the rod is moved in a quick, sweeping motion, which should be good for provoking reaction strikes when worked with a pause in between jerks. The Smokin' Black Shad color is a very good threadfin shad imitation. Priced at $7.95 it is a bargain considering the high level of quality and the outstanding performance of this lure. The only drawback is that it only comes in in 4 and 5 models, while I would like to see a 3.5, too.

From: Vince: Tuscon, AZ 4/19/14

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