Like all of the lures in the Action First series, the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker is designed with a precise external weighting system that gives it a low center of gravity and a stabilized action. This weighting system also allows the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker to cast farther, sink faster, and hunt aggressively over larger areas of water. Burn it over weedy flats, rip it through grass, or yo-yo it off the bottom, the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker produces a strong vibration that bass just can’t resist. Equipped with two rattle chambers and loud brass beads, the Sebile Action First Lipless Seeker is the ultimate search bait for covering a lot of water in a hurry.

The Sebile Action First Series is designed to produce an effective action at a reasonable price - bottom line. In order to accomplish this task, the Action First line is equipped with an innovative external weighting system comprised of zinc. This weighting system allows the lures to track true at any speed, and also acts as an anchor for the hook hangers, so you can feel confident when pulling hard on big fish. Offered at a competitive price point, the Action First Series places the utmost importance on functionality and come ready to fish right out the package

Sebile Action First  Length Weight Depth Class
 Lipless Seeker 3" 3/4oz 5-7ft  Sinking
 Lipless Seeker 2-1/2" 1/2oz  4-6ft Sinking

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Gotta agree with the previous comment. Bought this last year and I really like the how it casts and action. Purchased two of the Red Orange craw last year.

From: Timothy: Warren, MI 1/30/15

Comments: Got a couple of bites using a SK RedEye Shad in FireTiger color, had a big one on that got off. After no strikes for about 10-15 minutes, I changed to the Lipless Seeker in Chartreuse Tiger (3/4 ounce). Hauled in a 3 - 4lber" and a 6lber in five minutes. Casts a long way and you really feel it on the retrieve. Makes a loud rattle, too.

From: Dan: Valrico, FL 11/19/14

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