Perfect for those situations when you need a bait that gets down deep in a hurry, the Sebile Action First Racer Crank is just the ticket. Built with an elongated bill, the Sebile Action First Racer Crank dives down to the depth with minimal resistance, so you can throw it all day without wearing out your arm. The fat body of the Sebile Action First Racer Crank is constructed using a unique external weighting system, which increases casting distance and gives it an optimized swimming action. Offered in a number of brilliant colors, the Sebile Action First Racer Crank is just what you need to menace fish holding around deep structure and expanses of open waters.

The Sebile Action First Series is designed to produce an effective action at a reasonable price - bottom line. In order to accomplish this task, the Action First line is equipped with an innovative external weighting system comprised of zinc. This weighting system allows the lures to track true at any speed, and also acts as an anchor for the hook hangers, so you can feel confident when pulling hard on big fish. Offered at a competitive price point, the Action First Series places the utmost importance on functionality and come ready to fish right out the package. 

Sebile Action First  Length Weight Class Depth
 Racer Crank 2-1/2" 3/8oz Floating 8-12ft
 Racer Crank 3" 5/8oz Floating  10-15ft

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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