Created by legendary lure creator, Patrick Sebile, the Sebile Action First Squarebill Sunfish moves through shallow water with a lifelike look and an unmistakable sound that bass just can’t resist. Built with a flat-sided profile, the Sebile Action First Squarebill Sunfish has a very tight-wobbling action that produces an abundance of flash. The Sebile Action First Squarebill Sunfish is also designed with a precise external weighting that gives it an aggressive angle in the water, and makes it one of the most snagless lure in the Action First lineup. Equipped with a hard-knocking internal bead, the Sebile Action First Squarebill Sunfish is the ultimate shallow water problem-solver.

The Sebile Action First Series is designed to produce an effective action at a reasonable price – bottom line. In order to accomplish this task, the Action First line is equipped with an innovative external weighting system comprised of zinc. This weighting system allows the lures to track true at any speed, and also acts as an anchor for the hook hangers, so you can feel confident when pulling hard on big fish. Offered at a competitive price point, the Action First series places the utmost importance on functionality and come ready to fish right out the package.

 Sebile Action First Length Weight Class Depth
Squarebill Sunfish  2-1/2" 3/8oz  Floating 2-6ft

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Yeah this is a cheap made squarebill. Get two or three because the lip breaks pretty easy. Throw on lighter line too or you will never get this bait lower than 2 feet below the surface. With all that being said, I caught one of my biggest bass of the year on this bait. But the lip broke off in some rip-rap on the next couple cast after I caught that sucker!

From: Luke: Salisbury, NC 12/10/15

Comments: Had good luck in the fall on a cold, cloudy and windy day. Caught the biggest bass of the day when I crashed it into some rocks. Hooks are a bit thin for my liking but I like the way it casts and the action. The rattle is almost like a one knocker, which I like. Give these a try!

From: Bill: Indianapolis, IN 10/9/15

Comments: Bought 2 and neither ran true out of the package. Couldn't beat the price. Buy one, get one free. Once tuned, these are killer.

From: Ken: Chicago, IL 4/14/15

Comments: Great crankbait, great price, catches alot of fish gray shad,pumpkinseed are great colors bass crush them....will be buying and trying other colors great job sebile

From: Frank: Dearing, GA

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