The Sebile Crankster hopes to bring about a whole new level of performance to the crankbait market. With revolutionary concepts such as the free floating bearing and extruded bill, Sebile boasts the Crankster will be the longest and straightest casting crankbait available. The body of the Crankster was designed using high level aerodynamic action research. As a result, the Crankster has limited friction and increased castability, which allows for faster action in power fishing and immediate reactions when finesse fishing. This research, coupled with the look and style of the Sebile Crankster, should translate into full bags at the weigh in or a fun, successful day on the lake. Also equipped with premium, ultra-sharp Owner ST36 trebles.

Click here to see a video of Patrick Sebile providing details on the Crankster.

Sebile Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Crankster MR 45 FT 2" 1/8oz 1-2ft Floating
Crankster MR 45 SK 2" 5/16oz 2ft Sinking
Crankster MR 55 FT 2-1/3" 1/2oz 2-4ft Floating
Crankster MR 65 FT 2 3/5" 5/8oz 4-6ft Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great bait in the rocks!!! This thing bounces and thrashes around in really rocky areas where I fish and never gets hung I love it! It makes such a ruckus that I get a lot of aggressive strikes when beating it off structure. It is one of my top baits to beat up!

From: William: Austin, TX 5/24/14

Comments: Great design, wish they offered size 60 as well for putting #2 short shank trebles.  They cast well and swim great BUT their action dies out way to easily...  Just a small weed on their body or hook and it stops swimming.  I've bought the 45,55,65MR as well as 50SR but they all are way too sensitive.  I really wanted to love them but I guess I will pass...

From: Toshiya: IL

Comments: Have the 55 Holo Greenie and love it. Runs true and catches a lot of fish. Will be purchasing a lot more.

From: usmcvang: Concord, NC

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