Delivering shallow running capabilities and the same realistic body shape as the MR, the Sebile Crankster SR (Shallow Runner) also features the same heavy metal free-floating bearing system, which slides to the tail for increased casting distance, and also contributes to the bait’s tantalizing action.  Additionally, the Crankster SR’s lip is designed at a precise angle, and matched to the shape and balance of its body. This allows it to swim seductively a few inches under the surface, and create a subsurface turbulence trail and loud rattle to call to fish - attracting bass from under thick grass or even at night.  Available in a variety of color combinations, the Sebile Crankster SR is a precisely crafted, versatile crankbait packed with premium features and components.

Sebile Length Weight Depth Class
Crankster SR-50 2" 1/4oz 0-6" Floating
Crankster SR-65 2-1/2" 3/4oz 4"-10" Floating

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Save your money. I bought three of these for the recent Berkley Big Bass tournament on Lake Fork, TX. None of them ran true and I fished each with various lines and knots. I have purchased much less expensive house brand square bills/knockers from Cabela's and Bass Pro that ran true out of the box. Needless to say very disapointed in a hard bait that cost twice as much as many other brands and three times as much as some house brands. On the plus side, sharpest hooks I have ever experienced on a hard bait.

From: John: Arlington, TX

Comments: This lure is the best it has one knocker that drives these california bass crazy.great buy. Worth every penny.

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