Winner of Best of Show in the Hard Lure Category at the 2011 ICAST Show, the Sebile D&S Crank is an innovative deep diving crankbait with Sebile’s revolutionary Gravity Snagless Hook System. Instead of two treble hooks dangling from the bait, the D&S Crank has only a single EWG hook connected to the rear of the bait. As the lure is moving through the water the hook remains in-line with the lure’s flattened tail, greatly reducing the liklihood of snags. Once the fish bites down on the bait, however, the pressure causes the hook to pivot upward and project the hook point into the fish’s mouth for a solid hookset.  Available in an array of colors, the Sebile D&S Crank limits snags, lost fish, and it’s also easier on the fish as well for a healthier release.

Sebile Length Weight Class Depth
D&S Crank 2-3/4" 7/8oz Floating 17ft+

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are phenomenal in theory. This is probably the lure i lose the most fish on. Just use a swim/soft jerkbait.

From: Joe:

Comments: Maybe I should have taken the time to read these comments before ordering. The deep crankbait bite is on and I would like to test this lure in some known areas where the fish are eating the DD22, DT20,DT16,6xd,5xd. Where is my D&S????

From: Bob

Comments: I dont know that these baits are always out because people are buying them or because TW cant get them. I do have concerns over hook-up ratios -- need to see a UTube video of it in action to get a feel for it. If you have actually used this bait, post a comment based on your success/failure. Dont leave out the details. I love the concept, just not convinced totally right now.

From: Thomas: SC

Comments: Sebile is a disappointing company.  I know they are now part of pure fishing, but I have seen very few of the products that have been show at icast 2010.  I am not sure what the problem is, but I wish these items advertised at Icast would make it to market in a timely fashion.  I am sure Patrick is counting his millions because I certainly do not see the focus on getting the products to market.  I do like the products, I just want them in my boat, and on my line, not on my wish list for years.

Comments: i was fishing with a guy (no name) and he got a hold of a couple of these some how, we were fishing using crankbaits and while i was using a DD22 he was using one of these in craw color, well anyways we both got alot of bites but i hooked up 100% of them time and his were hit an miss, im guessing because how the bass hit whether head first or from the back. not saying these lures dont get bit because they do very well but hook up ratio is sub par. cool concept but not good.

From: Dean

Comments: these baits are always out most of time, they are working great folks, get some and fish them in your favorite lake and pond. Great fishing and God bless

From: Alex

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