The real life action of the Sebile Magic Swimmer will fool the most finicky fish. The Magic Swimmer's specially designed joints allows for a smooth, free-swimming motion guaranteed to trigger strikes. The natural swimming motion of the Sebile will cause it to emit a discrete rattle in the sound chamber. Superior balance allows for excellent casting and a steady retrieve at a variety of depths. The Magic Swimmer is best used with a steady retrieve accented by twitches of the rod-tip. Speed and depth of retrieve are controlled by the angler.

Click here to see a video of Patrick Sebile providing details on the Magic Swimmer. 

Sebile Length Weight Sink Rate
Magic Swimmer 95 3-3/4" 3/8oz Slow Sink
Magic Swimmer 110 4.5" 3/4oz Fast Sink
Magic Swimmer 125 5" 3/4oz Slow Sink
Magic Swimmer 165 6.5" 1.5oz Slow Sink
Magic Swimmer 228 9" 4oz Slow Sink

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Tackle Warehouse just received the New Sebile Magic Swimmer colors: Blueback Herring, Natural Bluegill, Natural Fleeing Shad, Natural Largemouth Bass and Silver Gold Back.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: got this lure (110 fast sink) in a mystery tackle box this month. Although it does sink faster than I expected, my god does this thing have an amazing action! Can not wait to try it out in warmer weather. Pull it up off the bottom and twitch it on the way back down, this thing has a killer action, it trys to go past 180 on every twitch. Will be buying in a slower sink model for sure.

From: Yes: USA 2/16/15

Comments: Great lure ! Have caught fish on this lure on several differant lakes. Some of the critics may need to look at themselves as the problem not the lure. It works great !

From: Chris: TN

Comments: this is a terrific swimbait the size of the 95k is amazing its the perfect size and it cats great the color i prefer is the natrual shinner.

From: Matt: MI

Comments: AWESOME lure if your fishing an alewive or blueback herring lake.. seems useless if your not on a herring or alewive lake though.. one of those lures that is excellent in certain situations and not real effective if not used in the right situation

From: Rob: PA

Comments: best bait everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a must for schooling fish kills them in the etha color.

Comments: a must for schooling shad

Comments: kent hill won a tournament on this bait few years ago. I have bigger size and smaller size. Plan to use this bait for big bass this summer. Was very popular when it came out but now its not as popular since its few years old.  Try this bait and see if it works for you.


From: Bill: Gainesville, FL

Comments: this thing is alright, if you are on the edge with this lure, i wouldnt buy it though. its not worth the money.

Comments: In two years using three different magic swimmers, I've successfully caught one small fish and the back of my hand - both on the same occasion. Besides the great swimming action of the lure, the only other positive thing I can say about this lure is the hooks are extremely sharp. To me, the lure is more a novelty. It looks nice, it swims nice, but the fish seem disinterested in it. I've run it past cruising bass, and they look the other way.

From: Eric: Michigan

Comments: Perfect herring imitator. Work great here in the South Carolina lakes when fished at the right time of year. Lake Murray is a great swim bait lake. Not all lakes are though.

From: Nick: Prosperity, SC

Comments: i really dont see why people hate on this lure! its really amazing, they probably just dont kno how to fish it, come to lake murray,sc and clarkshill and anywhere in southcarolina, i 100 % Guarentee that you will catch big bass! && thats a true fact

From: Jacob: Ninety Six, SC

Comments: I use this in places that most guys are throwing a spinnerbait. They (125's) have produced many small to medium size fish (largemouth) during the spring/summer/early fall. I switch to the 165 for bigger fish on points. Actually surprised to see bad reviews of it. (My 165's are only 6 & 1/2" long, 125's are 5".)

From: Ron: Orange Park, FL

Comments: I purchased 10 of the magic swimmers to fish in the washington and oregon area when they first came out. Since then i have fished it all over in the columbia river all the way down to clear lake californa and i have only caught 1 fish on it. it looks good but swims weird and always wants to ride up when you try to reel it very fast. i decided that i should at least try to bed fish with it, so when the spawn rolled around i gave it a shot. they wont even look at it. so i switched to a spro bbz-1 and caught one off of every bed i came to. the spro bait is ten times more realistic. after looking at and fishing the other sebile baits i came up with a conclusion, they are just a novelty bait.try the spro bbz-1 next time you go out.

From: Bassboy: Kelso, WA

Comments: i've had two of these for about 2 years and haven't caught a fish on either one.  The swimming action is decent, you have to work it fast to get it swimming properly and it fouls on the front hook all the time if you're using braid.  It looks alright but i've had much better luck with tru-tungsten swimbaits.

From: Massachusetts, USA

Comments: My Pops crushed a 25 lb muskie and an 8 lb largemouth on one of these bad boys.  What a jerk!  I've got to stop lending him lures.  Anyway, that speaks to the versatility and big fish appeal of these baits.  Great swimming action.

From: Big J: Houston, TX

Comments:  Excellent bait.  The best hard swimbait I've used if a fast retrieve is desired.  Works great as a jerkbait.  Will turn around on itself with a quick jerk.  Does tend to get tangled a bit more that single jointed baits when casting.  Will sometimes snag its own line when fished as a jerkbait.  Otherwise, well made with great hooks.  Highly recommended. 

From: Rowland: Newport News, VA

Comments:The 9" model is a wonderful muskie bait. It can be fished at any speed. You can fish it from near the surface to any depth your patience will allow. Very natural motion. The finishes are outstanding.

From:Dean: Apple Valley, MN

Comments:Just got this bait and it is great you can make it turn 180 degrees and 360 degrees around in the water, it also swims great in the water.

From:Marly: Florida

Comments:Magic Swimmer 95k N.G.S. color can not wait to try this little swimbait out, it looks great, hope the Spots and LM are ready for it.

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

Comments:I didn't like this bait because it was not life like at all, I never could get a bite on it.

From:Jesse: Phoenix, AZ

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