Designed to accurately mimic a school of small baitfish, the Sebile Pro-Shad Finesse Spinnerbait features similarly shaped blades and body.  Extremely realistic, the body is actually constructed from bismuth and encased in a hard plastic.  This allows for exceptional detailing, including lifelike scales, gill plates and 3D eyes, and it also keeps the head compact and durable.  The custom blades, jointed arm, and high tensile steel wire help provide it with a tremendous action, and the blades even flutter on the fall. A uniquely designed super sharp wide gap hook delivers rock solid hooksets, and helps increase hooking percentage when compared to standard round, deep bend spinnerbait hooks. Available in several proven color combinations, the Sebile Pro-Shad Finesse Spinnerbait is a great choice for finicky and highly pressured fish.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: You get what you pay for. Great design, had a six pound or so snook whale on this last weekend, and it got him in the boat and not even the wire was bent. That's not a huge snook, but they still hit like freight trains. The longer wire means no teeth hitting the leader, and the folding design means an awesome flutter on the fall. The straight pull of the wire also keeps the jig head from bending. This bait fishes just as easy on spinning gear as a baitcaster as well. It's just totally different. Is it worth the price? This angler feels so.  I want more colors.

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: I wanted a spinnerbait i could throw into the wind and also one that didnt feel i was reeling in a truck. This one fits these 2 criteria, however, the free arm holding the trailing blade tends to wrap around the bait on occasion. This bait has very little resistance and it is hard to tell if the blade is fouled up. It does catch fish though :)

From: Andy: Houma, LA

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