The Sebile Soft Weight System features soft weights made from a specially formulated Tungsten gum rubber, as well as, custom designed hooks that are designed to be super strong, ultra-sharp, and constructed to the highest precision Japanese hook standards.  The unique design of the soft weights allows them to be easily added, repositioned on the hook shank, or removed, and by positioning the weights, either forward, back or inside the bait, you can also generate varied actions from your bait.  Reusable and environmentally friendly - use the Sebile Soft Weight System with any kind of soft plastic - worms, grubs, lizards, frogs, crawdads, swimbaits, etc.

Each package includes 2 hooks & 18 soft weights.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like these weights very much, but i wish you could just buy a pack of the weights. They can go on any hook but the way they are packaged with the hook, they are much too expensive.

From: Chuck: NJ

Comments: This is a great idea for a belly weight system.  There are some downsides though. If you do not use a thick enough hook, the weights will slide back and forth.  Not a huge problem, but will effect the fall of the bait.  The weights are soft, so after a few bites, they will tear and you will lose them.  If the weights lasted longer, I would keep buying these, but it is just too expensive to keep them in the box. I really wish Sebile would make a more durable version because these are great for flukes on windy days, where feel and that slow sink rate are impossible to get without some added weight.

From: Carter: TX

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