2009 ICAST Winner Best of Show - Hard Lure

Combining the best of the lipless crankbait form and detail with the additional flash and vibration of a spinner blade, the award-winning Sebile Spin Shad is the ultimate tail spinner. Heavy metal alloy Bismuth inside the main body allows for a heavy yet compact presentation, and the level of detail and intricacy on the main body and Shad Blade rivals that of any crankbait. Affixed to an inline swivel, the Shad Blade resembles a baitfish in its own right, and its wide front, narrow tail and slightly cupped backside are designed to work together to allow it to turn at any retrieve speed from ultra slow to super fast - delivering seductive flash and vibration.

Extremely versatile, the Sebile Spin Shad is the ideal lure for a variety of bass fishing and saltwater presentations, including bottom-bouncing in deep water, sub-surface swimming, and long-distance casting to schooling fish. Winner of the prestigious 2009 ICAST Hard Bait Best of Show, the Sebile Spin Shad is available in a variety of effective colors to match the forage in your area.

Sebile Length Weight Class
Spin Shad 4" 3/4oz Sinking
Spin Shad 4-1/2" 1-1/4oz Sinking

Sebile Spin Shad Product Video

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Threw this bait for the first time last week; Wow! Got on a school of 3.5 and 4 lbers, they where on it better than live bait! Cast a mile, comes out of snags pretty good as well . Air temp was in the 30's , water in the mid 40's! I was just tryin to see if they hit something other than a blade bait and man did I guess right! Now might be my fall go-to bait!

From: Sushi: CT, USA

Comments: my friend has let me use this at lake Murray got blown up when reeling it in and one by the shore they were 1 and 2 but still highly recomend it

From: Isai: San Diego, CA

Comments:  A good thing about this lure is the quality of the components.  The treble hook is rather soft but still strong enough to keep it's form on hooked up fish.  On the 3/4 oz size, when the hook fatigues, it will sometimes, hang up on the lure's back.  There's not a lot of vibration feedback for slower retrieve speeds but the blade will still spin.  The wide belly of the lure helps to prevent the treble hook from snagging into structures.

From: Slipperybob: Lilcan, MN

Comments: I use this for fall and it work great. Let it drop all the way to the bottom of the water and play with it.  Oh yeah, you can cast this thing a mile, even with the 3/4.  Great product.


Comments:Very good bait. The 3/4 oz is pretty small, casts a country mile and you can vary the depth of the retrieve, drag it on the bottom if you want, fish it close to the surface. Very versatile and handles soft cover well.

From:Adam: Grover Beach, CA

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