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The silhouette is designed in the image of primary forage fish of the lakes and bays. Its size is a great asset when predators prove to be spooky. Due to the understated keel on its belly the flat stick reacts to each twitch of the rod tip. Try working with a little slack to magnify the effects even more. Twitch it! Jerk it! Slam it!&..Hang on! Jerk stick / floating: Sitting just under the surface, the floating model will dart and dive with a twitch or jerk of the rod tip. This bait is extremely effective over shallow flats and near the waters edge! Underwater stick / sinking model: The tungsten ballast causes the sinking model to wobble and quiver like a lost bait fish in search of the school. A slight twitch of the rod tip imparts various actions only limited by the angler's imagination.

Sinking/Darting Floating Sinking/Darting
Sebile Length Weight Depth Class Hooks
Stick Shadd 72SK 3" 3/8 oz 0.5-4ft Owner
Stick Shadd 90FT 3.5" 3/8 oz Topwater/Wake Owner
Stick Shadd 90SK 3.5" 5/8 oz 0.5-8ft Owner

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I am considering buying a stick shad i have heard great things about these lures and that they consistentyly catch fish I had never heard about this bizarre problem of a lure breaking in half and the price is very steep for a single lure i could buy a couple of packs of Gulp shrimp for that same price but i have heard from many many anglers from that this is a great product that catchs lots of fish maybe try calling sebile to see if you can get their customer service.

From: Tyler

Comments:This is my opinion of the Sebile Stick Shadd. I purchased two Sebile Stick Shad lures and my two sons purchased two as well. Both of mine broke at the tail end after being fished the first day. My sons also broke off at the same place. One of my lures broke after catching a jack that looked to be about 10 lbs. I know of other people that have had the same problem. After emailing Sebile about the lures I never received a reply. We will never purchase another Sebile product because of the quality of the lure and the customer service. $15.00+ is too much to spend on low quality lures. Once again this is my opinion.


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