Designed to be just as effective and versatile as its hardbait cousin, the Sebile Stick Shadd Soft delivers some new advantages of its own. Notably, its soft plastic body allows it to be rigged weedlessly and fished virtually anywhere, even in the nastiest cover. Each Stick Shadd Soft also has the benefit of the original's "Power Keel" design. The Power Keel delivers an amazing level of versatility, providing the bait with a tantalizing unpredictable swimming, jerking, darting and sliding action that really brings the Stick Shadd Soft to life. Compact and dense, the Sebile Stick Shadd outcasts other soft plastics of the same length, and because of its shape and design, it's a great choice for skipping under docks and other overhanging obstacles.

The Sebile Soft Stick Shadd's versatility doesn't stop there, it can be rigged in just about every way imaginable, including on a jighead, a drop shot rig or even wacky style. The most common way to rig it is with an offset worm hook, used with or without weights. For this type of rigging, the angler would also want to remove the special "Easy Strip" from the bait's back. The innovative Easy Strip provides an open cutout on the back of the lure for technical riggings and better fish-hookup ratios.

Patrick Sebile also included a Sebile Soft Weight System with each Stick Shadd Soft, making it easy to add or remove weight as fishing conditions dictate. The system includes a 5/0 offset hook, perfect for rigging, and six easily removable tungsten weights to allow you to attack the entire water column. Available in several hand-painted color finishes, the innovative Sebile Shadd Soft takes a proven design to a new level of versatility and fish-attraction.

***Each pack of Sebile Stick Shadd Soft (Hollow) 100's includes a Sebile Soft Weight System, which consists of one 5/0 extra wide gap hook and six (6) easily removable tungsten weights.

Length Quantity
4" 4

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: i understand why these are now on sale. i bought a pack 2 yrs ago and they arent that great. when i bought them they were supposed to be considered a soft plastic jerk bait.  This bait it just a lump of soft plastic too stiff to have action.

From: Josh: IL

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