The Secret Weapon Sidearm Spinnerbait is designed for anglers who want to adapt quickly to changing conditions, the Secret Weapon Sidearm offers more options than ever before. A removable V-frame blade bar supports dual, side-by-side spinner blade attachments. Not only can these Quick-clip, inline blades be removed and replaced in seconds, but the entire blade bar can be un-clipped and the bait converted to a single- or tandem-blade short-arm spinnerbait.

Secret Weapon Willow Spinnerbait blades

Secret Weapon Colorado Spinnerbait blades

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great idea, but these are very tough to make work if any vegetation at all gets on them. And they collect a lot with those two arms out. They also are hesitant to start spinning once they hit the water, as if they need to "find themselves" before getting started.
Basically only one out of five or more casts work properly, and when it worked it was very cool, just didn't work well often. A lot of wire on these things as well. Too much machinery.. Fished just for an hour, no hits.. got frustrated with it, stopped.

From: Craig: Sunrise, FL

Comments: the design of these lure's allow them to be fished in a 'stop & drop' method just like the 'drop dead fred' single arm spinnerbait's which are deadly, pardon the pun. they are more effective with colorado blades when fished in this manor. the colorado blades slow the fall rate which is the key factor. a #11 pork frog is the best trailer for this application due to the bouyancy. placement is more important than color with these lures. if you are not fishing them, your missing out! 

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: Hi, I fish these baits all the time.  They really catch fish. They run true and all blades helicopter on the fall. These baits are as good or better to any other spinnerbait  I've ever used. Its cool the way you can change your bait to match the conditions,  You can go from a double willow in silver for clear water to a double Colorado in the gold blades for muddy water and any combination  in between in seconds  its mind boggling  and a lot of fun, let me tell you.

From: Casey: Oregon, USA

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