The Secret Weapon Spectastic Recoil Cord provides never before seen drop shot bait action. The Spectastic Recoil Cord is the heart of this incredible fishing tackle innovation. Attach the Recoil Cord between your sinker and lure to achieve optimal performance

The Spectastic Recoil Cord will stretch three times its length, allowing the angler to impart as much (or little) action to the lure as the angler desires.

The Spectra wrap is what gives the patented Spectastic Recoil Cord its 15-pound breaking strength and prevents the elastic band from snapping in use. Green, cotton fibers are combined with the Spectra to help camouflage the cord, making it easier to see for rigging, but less visible in the water.

The weight holds the rig in place, you put slight tension on your line between the weight and rod tip, and now the lure follows every rod tip movement in all directions. Even heartbeat vibrations are transferred from your hand to the lure. Unlike drop shotting where you jerk up and gravity slowly brings the lure back down, the movement of the lure now is equal in all directions, putting natural vibrations into soft plastic lures, even with them sitting in one spot.

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Comments: I tried these and liked 'em.  These little bungees impart action to baits without dragging 'em off target.  I wouldn't mess with conventional swivels, use the quicker and cheaper Do-it Drop Shot Line Grip Swivels.

From: Brian: Los Gatos, Ca

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