No more rubber bands, tape, and fumbling around for your clippers - the Shark Tooth KVD Leader Control & Cutter System is designed to eliminate the hassle associated with storing fishing line and making leaders. Completely reusable, its easy to use and safe - no danger of cutting your fingers. Its stainless steel blade is also corrosion-resistant for added durability, and it can cut braided line of up to 65 lbs. with ease. Available in two sizes (Yellow & Orange) to accommodate various sized filler spools, the Shark Tooth KVD Leader Control And Cutter System is perfect for quick setup changes.

Orange Band: Fits 1/4 lb spools; 1.5" inner spool diameter minimum; 3.0" outer spool diameter maximum.

Yellow Band: Fits 100 yd to 3000 yd spools; 2.5" inner spool minimum; 4.5" outer spool diameter maximum.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm pleased with this product. Keeps my leader nice and neat in my tackle bag and the cutter is sharp and eliminates a cut with my clippers. On lighter line it does make for unwanted curls when you pull the line through the eye but I stopped that by pushing the band with my thumb as i pay out the line. It's a good handy tool.

From: Chuck: North Bergen, NJ

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