A workhorse of a reel - the Shimano Caenan Casting Reel is designed to fish many different styles of lures - from worms and jigs to fast moving spinnerbaits and crankbaits.  Offering proven Shimano performance at a more affordable price point, the Caenan is loaded with features, and also approved for saltwater use.  Shimano’s exclusive Lo-Mass Spool allows for easy start up inertia, making casting even the lightest baits easy, while the reel’s VBS (Variable Brake System) with a Reduced Mass Hub provides easy and precise casting control.  Six shielded stainless steel ball bearings also ensure smooth functioning, and help facilitate the Caenan’s high speed 6.5:1 retrieve, while the Super Stopper and Assist Stopper anti-reverse virtually eliminate backplay for rock solid hooksets. Furnishing all day ergonomic comfort, High Density EVA Power Grips combine with a rigid light weight Drilled Handle Shank to also generate excellent winding power.  Always up to the task - the Shimano Caenan Casting Reel is a versatile, high quality reel - available for a great price.

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An extremely versatile reel, the Shimano Caenan Casting Reel offers the Shimano performance and features that anglers love - now at a more affordable price point.

- Aluminum Lo-Mass Spool System
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- High Speed 6.5:1 Retrieve
- High Density EVA Power Grips
- 6 Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- VBS (Variable Brake System) with Reduced Mass Hub
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- Quickfire II Clutch Bar
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Drilled Handle Shank
- Ceramic Line Guide
- Recessed Reel Foot
- Metal Cast Control Knob
- Approved for use in Saltwater


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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great reel !! I've got mine spooled with 30lb Power Pro braid for topwater and it'll throw a mile. Very smooth reel and I love the grips ! Best reel on the market for the money.

From: Chris: Bessember, AL 7/10/15

Comments: this is a nicely made reel as far as the way it is designed, it cast like a 150+$ reel I like it! Their is a problem however with this reel,and that's what its made of mainly a bunch of plastic parts that wear easily and break if you take very good care of your reels you won't have a problem. I recommend this reel to those who are thinking about getting into shimano reels!it is a great reel to own.

From: Mojo Bass: CA 5/20/15

Comments: Reel works good, smooth, cast far and has plenty of power. After a while it started making noises like there were gears grinding inside, so I sent it back to shimano and they fixed it like new got it back within a week. great service

From: Caleb: ME 2/4/15

Comments: Got this reel for Christmas two seasons ago. It has been my spinnerbait reel ever since. Casts 12lb fluorocarbon with no backlash or binding up. Reels smooth and handles fish of all sizes (caught a lot of big bass and even bigger pike) with ease. Highly recommended for anyone searching in this price range.

From: Greg: Lake Champlain, VT 1/12/15

Comments: This reel is my favorite casting reel under 100 dollars. I have this on a 7'2" medium heavy shimano sellus and I have fished this on a 7 ft xxh musky rod when my Cardiff didn't have line. This reel is a amazing for the price! The only thing shimano needs to work on is having more gear ratios. Hopefully this gets fixed at this year's icast. Highly recommended!

From: Max: Burlington, VT 1/7/15

Comments: I recently ordered this reel and it's pretty good all around. One thing I did notice though on mine is that the guid for the fishing line would get stuck on one side so my line would be piled up on one spot on the spool. I am not sure if it is like this on most of them, but it is on mine.

From: Cooper: Lafayette, CA 10/8/14

Comments: I recently picked this reel up as a "spare" to my spare spinnerbait arsenal and all i can say is WOW how smooth it is.It feels great. It casts 1/2 oz spinnerbaits well with no issues to date. I have it spooled with 15lb Seaguar Flurocarbon. I have had it about a week and fished it heavy during the Memorial day weekend and caught 34 bass friday and saturday before Memorial day on it@ Kentucky Lake! Great build at the $100.00 dollar price point Shimano!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 5/29/14

Comments: This is a great reel. Cast far, smooth and dont flex much underload. One other thing is its a got a reel nice silver and red two tone paint job, reminds me of the older two tone f150s!

From: Billy: VT 4/16/14

Comments: this reel is great. I got it for Christmas and I love it. casts smooth and reels smooth. I've read a lot of reviews on this reel and I must say I was a little reluctant to get is cause there were good and bad reviews. take it from me, I fish salt water snook tournaments and largemouth tournaments and it holds up great in both waters. I caught both my biggest snook (20 pounds) and my biggest bass (13 pounds) on this reel.. its awesome!

From: Eric: Naples, FL

Comments:  same as caius whatever. This reel feels less like plastic. This is really the only reel Shimano makes currently in the 100 size that's not 300 bucks. Great reel. Caught many bass with it. Have put every kind of line on it. Performs properly after 3 years of hard fishing. Little noisey on cast but other than that it has been my go-to since I started fishing seriously. Do yourself a favor and pick one up, it is a great value!

From: Justin: NJ

Comments: constantly smooth and great reel for price.If I had to choose the best out of all my reels it's one of the best.If you don't count the older curado.


Comments: I don't understand you shimano guys that give so much praise to the e series reels. I had two curado e's and three citica e's. This cheapo plastic ceanen casts father than any of them with less effort and the gears stayed smooth much longer. This is a decent reel for the price.

From: Nic

Comments: its a nice reel i caught some decent fish on it so far its a great reel for the price but the drag is a little bit sloppy and its wont click anymore but still a great reel

From: Brian: Socal

Comments: Love this reel. I have ALOT of reels. And alot of them are the top of the line reels from all the companies. This reel flat out works and works well. Casts far and smooth. Reels great and its lite weight. And at 89bucks how can you go wrong.. The reel foot does have some flex its minimal and only noticeable on bigger fish like 3lbs and up. Its worth the money

From: Sonny: Wareham, MA United States

Comments: this reel is amazing and for the price you can't go wrong with this reel. It cast mile and never ever backlashes and its actually fairly smooth and its pretty quiet, I have a 170$ revo sx and the caenan cast just as good. I'm not saying this reel is perfect but for the money it's a fantastic reel. It has never given me any problems

From: Jared: KY

Comments: Only baitcaster ive ever owned where the line (12# FC) gets caught between the spool and the frame. Not a big fan of the round handle, or its sloppy drag. Not impressed.

From: Mike: S. CA USA

Comments: i dont know if your color blind but the caenan is not purple so the shape might be the same but it doent mean it the same reel for example you can put a cheap motor in a corvette but does it make it a corvette..no the outside looks like it but if you look under the hoo its not the samesome people might get mad but its the way i think

From: Shimano Guy

Comments: first off let me say that if you are staying away from the caenan because of its low price then think again. I picked one up over a year ago at first as a temporary reel when one of my other reels gave up the ghost. A year later now and it still fishes like I got it a year ago. Great reel cant go wrong with it.

From: Tom: Ovayonda, IL

Comments: These things just feel cheap and junky.  They work well, but when you're used to higher end reels these things are just annoying to use.  I bought 2 of them and wish I had just spent the money for 1 better quality reel.

From: John: Toronto

Comments: huck I think you left out "time". But yes i agree with you. Great starter reel

From: Les: Tenn

Comments: im getting my son into baitcasters. got him this and he loves it. very easy to use and no bashlashes with the break tabs set right. i also like it cause i dont have to help him with a nasty birdnest each he cast. great reel by shimano. im even thinking of getting one for back up.

From: Chuck: NM

Comments: Very nice reel for the money. My only complaint is that it doesn't have enough drag/power. Better for lighter line I would imagine. Casts very good, smooth retrieve.

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: Looking for a cheap reel that does it all. You just click on it. This reel is good for a beginner or pro. Its not your HEG gear or Dartainium drag Shimano reel. But it works as good. Hook a massive 42" Bull Red and reel her in. It took 6 minutes but got her in. With just saying that this reel handle it well and the drag was smooth as silk.  Used 15lb Cajun line and 7ft med. heavy rod.

From: Sean: TX

Comments: Never owned a Shimano until I bought one of these. Only reason I bought it was because it was on sale for like $63. And I was really suprised at how smooth casting and reeling it is. My wife uses it all the time to throw a texas rig or jig on and it has been a really good reel for her. Ive always been a Revo guy but this little reel really impressed me. Its a good reel for the $90 but especially for $63.

From: Will: Tuscumbia

Comments: Great, easy to use reel, at an amazing price.

From: Adam: NY

Comments: I took was this reel to the Lajolla kelp beds to catch some Calico bass. It was loaded with 30lb spectra and paired with a 25lb Lamiglas rod.  After awhile the captain wanted to look for yellowtail.  We found a school of 30 lb fish.  I baited up a nice sardine and was bit in seconds.  Everybody thought I was crazy to even try to catch one of these fish.  25 minutes later I had a 28lb yellow on the boat.  This little reel performed like a champ, it was smooth and had just enough power.  I was pleasantly suprised.  Next time i'll use something bigger though. 

From: Rick: San Diego, CA

Comments: My first reel and i like it a lot it doesn't cast the farthest but it is great for beginners. definitely worth $90

From: Dylan: Ft. Myers, FL

Comments: I have 2 of these reels and I love them. Never had any grinding or noise coming from the reel... They also can throw the lightest lures a mile.. They dont backlash like other reels I have owned. Great reel for its price

From: Trey: Tupelo, MS

Comments: I have 2 of these reels, and I love them.. Even using a weightless swimbait it will still cast it a mile using 30lb braid.. None of mine make any kinda noise at. All around great reel

From: T: MS

Comments: I only have one of these reels and really like it a lot! i have another reel about double the price and this one casts farther! something if you set the hook and no drag comes out it makes a little grinding noise but it doesn't bother me! great reel!

From: Garrison: Bogart, GA

Comments: super smooth and i dont regret nothing

From: The Awesome Peter Nguyen: CA

Comments: These are great reals for the money . Ya can't beat these till ya get over the $200. mark in shimano. To me if you are looking for a great real this is one ya mite need to go check out .

From: Kevin: Johnson, KY

Comments: I've had this reel going on 2 years. It works great and casts a crankbait a mile. It has a look all of it's on. The only thing that I cannot stand about this reel is it has a grinding sound in the gears when reeling it in. I have torn it down and oiled and greased every thing that I can and I still have a noisy reel. I own all Shimano reels and I will sell this one to someone for a good price. I am not used to a Shimano making noise. I will not buy a reel that is noisy and I couldn't reccomend this reel to anyone who appreciates the quality that I have gotten used to in Shimano reels. I wished I had sent it back when I bought it, but I wanted to see if it would go away. Did not Happen. Buy you the new Casius gold reel. Better reel for the money.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: i was about 2 buy this reel and i looked at it at bass pro it is not that great the handle sucks instead u should get a lews or get a johnny morris black carbon the black carbon is a boss and it was on sale for 70 now they r like 130$ so i got a great deal and the black carbon has a dual breaking system and is hard 2 to blacklash the lews is very good 2 almost as good as the black carbon

From: Matt: Port Clinton, OH

Comments: This is a great reel for the money the only problem is the knobs on the handles they make it hard for fishing medium crankbaits of fishing heavy jigs, my favorite thing was to throw baits like senkos and flukes, the breaking system and drag make casting light baits easy and doable for anyone.. Pair it with a rod like the skeet Reese honeycomb finesse worm fluke or a 6'6" to 7' rod with a medium action

From: Devin

Comments: This reel is a great rig for the money. I have 5 of them and to be honest I am quicker to throw one of them than my chronarcs. The only bad thing about these are the handles. The round handles SUCK! I have replaced all the original handles with curado handles and couldn't be happier with a $300 unit.

From: Jessie: TN

Comments: This reel is an all around good reel. Great drag, casts plenty far, only thing I can complain about is its not the smoothest reel in the world.. Not that interferes with performance. In my honest opinion I would spend the extra ten bucks and get an Abu orra, which has similar features except its extremely smoothe for the price. However if your looking for a budget reel, go with te Shimano cauis. My friend picked one up and it feel very similar, and even feels a bit smoother. Only thing that's different is the cast control, I honestly have no problem with magnetic cast control

From: Christian: CA

Comments: This is a great reel for the money, it is very smooth on the retrieve. THIS IS A GREAT REEL FOR SOMEONE NEW TO BAITCASTERS

From: Tim: SLO, CA

Comments: this reel is amazing! I love it so much, and all shimano products really, just because they make quality stuff that will last long as isn't going to break the bank. i paired this up with a st. croix mojo bass and the balence along with casting and overall weight of the combo is outstanding! best combo for under 200 bucks for sure.

From: Jason: Santa Rosa, CA

Comments: This is a great reel for the money. it casts a mile and wont backlash if you know how to use it. and for everyone you thinks it's made of plastic, your WRONG. the frame is made of graphite composite like most rods.

From: Wesley: Orange County, CA

Comments: just got this reel today and let me tell you this thing is amazing i cant tell you enough about how smooth and solid this thing feels i will for sure be buying more shimano for life

From: Hunter: Coon Rapids, MN

Comments: Great reel, great price, and great combo with abu garcia vendetta rod!

From: Joe: LA

Comments: after having it for a year i can still say i love it in my opinion this reel would have the same rating as the curado. the only things i would like to change on this is the plastic and make it free spooled but casting distance this thing blows the curado out of the water

From: TX

Comments: Great reel for great price! looking for inexpensive reel it's perfect! i love it and have had no problems!

From: Joseph: Natchitoches, LA

Comments: good worm reel along with the curade 50

Comments: this reel is sweet i think its way better than the citica. also it cast into the wind like a dream

From: Andrew: Arvada, CO

Comments: I got this reel in the hopes (and a theory) that with it and a 6' rod, I could cast lightweight Rapala Originals to smallmouth bass in the shallows where only a canoe can go. I matched it with Berkely Fireline 40lb braid, and hoped for the best on the first cast. It sent the Rapala's out like a rocket. I am very impressed. The only let down is the rod, which is in no way the reel's fault. This reel is awesome. It handle's my lightweight baits better than my ultralight spincast setup. Sure I get the occasional birdnest, I haven't quite yet mastered the breaking system. But I can't complain. It does everything I hoped it would, and it does it all ten times better than I expected it to. It's a great little reel. Well worth the money.

From: Eric: MI

Comments: Best reel for under $100. Not as good as a curado but for the price its very very good

Comments: This reel is amazing it cast's a Mille and with a light bait to I use it on a medium heavy and on a medium action for the light baits. I love this reel gone to buy another in two days

From: Shawn: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Comments: HIGHLY RECOMENDED! For someone who is a beginner bait caster to a pro. It is very smooth and feels very durable. I don't see how people are saying it feels like it's made of plastic. I have it paired up with the Abu Garcia vendetta and its a match made in heaven. I'm gonna be using this for spinnerbaits, crank baits, frogs, hard body swim baits, buzz baits, and maybe som soft plastics. It will do anything you need it to do. The best thing is it is super affordable!!! This is like a steal. I would definitely jump on this offer. I got about a $300 combo for $170! Both were underpriced, especially the ceanen!

From: Joseph: Natchitoches, LA

Comments: HIGHLY RECOMENDED! For someone who is a beginner bait caster to a pro. It is very smooth and feels very durable. I don't see how people are saying it feels like it's made of plastic. I have it paired up with the Abu Garcia vendetta and its a match made in heaven. I'm gonna be using this for spinnerbaits, crank baits, frogs, hard body swim baits, buzz baits, and maybe som soft plastics. It will do anything you need it to do. The best thing is it is super affordable!!! This is like a steal. I would definitely jump on this offer. I got about a $300 combo for $170! Both were underpriced, especially the ceanen!

From: Joseph

Comments: good reel but the lews speed spool for the same price totally blows this thing away!

Comments: I picked this reel up as my first baitcaster ever. I can not truly say that i am very good with them.I cant skip under docks but i can cast far , pitch accurate , and side arm a plastic were i want it. the parts are all plastic. If you want a reel that is smooth get this, but i don't know how long it will last because of all the plastic. I will certainly upgrade to a curado after this season. Overall if your on a budget or your a beginner and don't want to spend hundreds on your first baitcaster this reel will not disappoint.

From: Fishingdaybyday: CT

Comments: Not a bad little reel. I usually stick with my Curados but picked this reel up from a guy brand new for $25 bucks can't bet that. I really didn't expect much from this reel but it did surprised me. I cast almost as good as a Curado feels smooth like a Curado. Only thing this reel lacks on is drag. Very poor drag on it. Good reel for crack bait if your using 10lb test. Over all good reel for $90 even better at $25 =)

From: Jose: Torrance, CA

Comments: I usually buy the Citica, but I just had to try this one after I picked it up and it felt like a feather in my hand.  It is very smooth, long casting and I like the little bit faster gear ratio, a little power, but it also picks up line well.  It is a little noisy, it was quiet, but after a few outings it started making noise.  I oiled it up and that kind of bound it up a little, so I used it for deep cranking until it freed up again.  I think the bearings get too full and bind up, so I've been using lighter oil with no issues.  The noise doesn't seem to be getting worse.  Only on casting, not retrieve. I paired this with an Abu Garcia Veritas and let me tell you, it is SO light!  189.00 total combo price beats the heck out of spending 500 bucks on a magnesium frame reel and a super light Kistler for about the same performance.  I fish 20 LB fluoro on it and I can cast the smallest crankbaits up to 3/4oz jigs if I want.  Specifically this is my TX Rig combo.

From: Philip: New Braunfels, TX

Comments: It's not a Curado or Citica but if you are on a budget like we all are these days this is a great buy. Little noisy but it's a great reel I think will last for a long time.

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: Sick, sick reel. i have it paired up with a berkley lightning rod shock. A great cheap combo. ive used this reel for swim jigging, flipping, and spinnerbaiting so far and loved it!!!! I highly recommend this reel to anybody, whether your a beginner or a pro

From: Julian: Amherst, MA

Comments: heres the deal this is an alright reel and thats about it only reson i bought it was the price but it feels like its gonna break the whole thing is plastic i would recomend the citica for $30 more you cant go wrong with it

From: Candlewood: CT

Comments:  Look in side and you will find plastic parts. I guess that is why it's so cheap. It has worked just fine for me so far.

From: Jake: Bodfish, CA

Comments: Great for tuna out in guadalupa.

From: Edward: San Francisco, CA

Comments: I own a couple of these and they are great for the money.  Let's not get carried away though and compare them to Curados.  I use mine for casting applications on lower end rods and they are decent.  But when it comes to pitching and flipping the difference is substantial. The Curado is smoother and has better free spool.  The better free spool from the bearing supported pinion gear results in greater distance with less effort which translates into greater accuracy and less fatigue after a full day.  Is that worth the extra money?  Well to me it is.  I maintain all of my reels properly so as to get maximum usable life out of them.  Over the lifetime of the reel, the extra money works out to a very small amount of $$$/year.

From: Walter: Toronto, Canada

Comments:  Finally got a chance to try this reel out and i must say that it performs like a reel twice its price.  when i need new reels this will be the one i buy from now on.

From: George: So Cal

Comments: awesome reel totally worth more it is worth the 89.99 and more

Comments: Good reel for the money but i would spend the extra 10-20 dollars for the citica. Citica is a muchhhh better reel!

From: Cody: Tally, FL

Comments: this reel performs like a champ smooth casting great feel for the money it cant be beat

From: Matthew: Georgia, USA

Comments: I bought this reel and paired with my 7M Mojo Bass rod for plastics and topwater.  Can't say enough good stuff about this reel and I own 2 Curados.  For the price it is a great compromise reel to those who can't afford to drop extra money on the higher end equipment. 

From: Grant: Wappingers Falls, NY

Comments: This is a nice little reel.  It is a bit noisy, because of the lack of the super free pinion.  The Curado and Citica have the super free bearing support, and it might be worth the extra money to get one of those.  If under $100 is your budget, you won't be disapointed.  The reel feel a lot like my old Curado B's.  I really really like the handle.  That might be a selling point over the Citica.

From: Chad: Loveland, CO

Comments: I have one paired with a Vendetta MH and one with a Diawa Light and Tough topwater rod. The caenen is light and the price is right.

From: Justin: Caldwell, NJ

Comments: This is a nice looking reel, practically the graphite version of the chronarch 100 D....have no idea why they didn't make it with an aluminum frame.....would have one by now if they did.

From: John: St. Louis, MO

Comments: The Shimano Caenan is a great reel for the price! It has a large line capacity, it casts exceptionally far and overall it is a smooth reel. I now own 2 Caenans and I can't say that I am dissapointed. It is the best reel for the money. Compared to the citica: it has any more bearings, a faster gear ratio and the sae line capacity. The difference between the Citica and the Caenan is the price! A difference of $30. I highly recomend this reel for any angler regardless of skill level. I could not be happier with the Caenan.

Extra Notes: The Caenan pairs up great with the Abu Garcia Vendetta

From: Patrick: Ontario, Canada

Comments: got this reel for xmas after i told my wife i liked it. easy to cast, easy to set drag. nice low profile and low wear and tear on my arm. brakes are secured and easy to access with removable side plate. i think i found a baitcaster under 100$ that acts like its 100$ plus

From: Chris: NJ

Comments: It backlashes a lot for a Shimano reel... I don't really like the grips on it I ordered a new handle and new grips

From: Ian: Longview, TX

Comments: great reel... i have it and love it to death.. defentenly will be buying another.. check out my youtube account ozarkangler for a reveiw

From: Devin: Springdale, AR

Comments: I bought this one on a whim and was very happy with me choice.  I fished with it for a week and it performed very well.  The casting, reeling, and drag were all super smooth.  I took it off the rod to clean and oil it.  After I did this, the reel lost some of it performance.  It is not like that I do not know how to service my fishing reels either.  For some reason, after I oiled this one up, the breaking system doesn't want to work correctly.  It is as if I can't get the breaks dialed in correctly.  After I service my reels, I will take them out and cast them several times with a 1/2oz weighted practice plug.  Maybe it is me, but I just can't dial this thing back in.  That alone won't keep me from buying more of these, but I thought that I would put an issue up that other people weren't having just to help out.  I do like the reel, but now I just have to use more thumb control than I did before cleaning the reel. 

From: Brad: Wynne, AR

Comments: update on previous review; I now own 4 Caenan's. Enough said.

From: Patrick: Palm Beach, FL

Comments: I fished this new reel Saturday and I have to say that I am very impressed. It is just another remarkable reel from Shimano. It casts a mile with 10 lb fluorocarbon and paired with a Lamiglas Excel medium rod it performs as well as my new Curado 50E. I caught fish all day and I felt very little fatigue in my wrist and arms. It performs excellent. If you are looking for a good reel that is beautiful sitting on the back of an American made Lamiglas rod and I guarantee it will catch any fish that decides to attack it. I love this reel and I plan on getting a couple more in the near future.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

Comments: Super smooth and casts a mile.  Slightly noisy, but at this price it's well worth it.  Would buy another in a heartbeat.

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: Been using one for a couple of days and I have to say it's pretty nice. Casts great, noisy but great. It's definitely not a Curado. That being said I'll be buying two more of these before I buy another Curado.

From: Patrick: Palm Beach, FL

Comments: Better than expected. i bought this reel specifically for my spinnerbait rod, something i don't do a whole lot of. i wasn't too sure what to expect from a reel at this low price point but it has exceeded my expectations. casting distance is phenomenal and the reel remained smooth and silent, even under load. i even had a chance to see how well the drag performed on a 12-pound striper and it was smooth and consistent. i have no problem with adding this to my lineup of curados, revos and zillions.

From: Norm: Sacramento, CA

Comments: I just bought this reel, man what a nice piece. I love casting it, smooth.

From: Kellley: Hendersonville, TN

Comments: I will have to agree very good reel for the money!!!!

From: Dimonsterb: Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: Purchased this reel when it came out for flipping and frogging. Without a doubt just as powerful and smooth as they come. oh yeah, it casts a country mile.

From: Joihnny: Schenectady, NY

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