Shimano Calcutta B Series Casting Reels

$209.99 - $239.99

The redesigned Calcutta is now a high-speed reel! This classic round reel will keep up with the fastest low profile reels for today's fishing styles.

Calcutta is the classic round framed reel that defines perfection. Super-strong, ultralight forged aluminum frames and sideplates ensure that all parts will remain in perfect alignment for lifelong smooth power and solid rigidity. The 100 and 101 reels are the next size up and are rated for 8-14 pound line and will be great for any light to medium application. This would be the ultimate worm rod reel. The 200 size family is slightly larger and capable of just about anything you want to do, this reel will take the place of the old 250 size reel and will be perfect for the steelhead angler. The workhorse 400 size reels are big and beefy, able to do anything in the freshwater from bass to musky and pike to giant catfish, as well as light to medium saltwater applications.

These reels are superior to the old Calcuttas in several important ways. All sizes have added the ultra-smooth Dartanium Drags and the popular Speton Handles along with Shimano's exclusive A-RB Rust Resistant Bearings. The 100, 200 and 400 series have the exciting single sideplate screw and easy access VBS so adjusting your centrifugal brakes is easier than ever. The 200GTB offers even more, drilled top bar and wiffle spool that reduces weight by 2 ounces, a 6.0:1 gear ratio, and a total of 8 bearings. All of these reels will easily handle the braided super-lines popular for some techniques as well as any finesse bait you may want to throw. This round reel does it all!

Calcutta is the classic round framed reel that defines perfection. Super-strong, ultralight forged aluminum frames and sideplates ensure that all parts will remain in perfect alignment for lifelong smooth power and solid rigidity.

-Cold Forged Aluminum Frame, Sideplates and Spool
-A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
-Variable Brake System (VBS)
-Super Stopper
-Dartainium Drag
-Septon Handle Grips
-Easy Access Sideplate
-Metal Series
-Approved for use in Saltwater


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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
CT-100B Right 5.8:1 9.0 3A-RB + 1A-RB 12/120, 14/100 In Stock: 3+ $209.99
CT-200B Right 6.0:1 10.1 3A-RB + 1A-RB 10/210, 14/120 In Stock: 3+ $209.99
CT201B Left 6.0:1 10.1 3A-RB + 1A-RB 10/210, 14/120 In Stock: 3+ $209.99
CT200GTB Right 6.0:1 9.9 7S A-RB + 1S A-RB 10/190, 14/110 In Stock: 3+ $239.99
CT400B Right 5.0:1 11.8 3A-RB + 1A-RB 14/260, 20/160 In Stock: 3+ $239.99
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Customer Reviews

Comments: Still have a 250 that is 13 yrs old now. I abuse this thing, I have never lubed it once. Still slings a worm a mile. Dope.

From: Jay6: USA 3/10/16

Comments: Great real. I have had this for about two months now. This is my second bait casting shimano real. I am very impressed with the overall smoothest toughness durability & Power. I use my 400 for big dates above 3 ounces. This is, in my opinion, the best bang for the buck deal in the swim bait industry. If you are looking for a reel that will last you 10 or more years pick one up. For such a big reelyou would think it is not smooth, but it is very smooth

From: Michael: CA 2/15/16

Comments: I've got three of these bad boys. Two 100's and an older 250. Great reel for any game species in freshwater, and I've wrangled in some big snooks down South with my 250. These reels are comparable to a race car, some people are born to race, while others... well you get the point. Highly recommended!

From: Dan: Athens, GA 2/17/15

Comments: I have the silver reels back in 91 still work plan on purchasing 3 new ones awesome reels

From: Wichita, KS

Comments: Purchased the 200 model; fantastic reel, super smooth retrieve and minimal problems with backlash. Spooled with Suffix mono and paired with a Compre MH, an excellent combo for my needs!! Planning on a 200 GTB or 100B next! TW was excellent to do business with as well!!

From: Troy: NS, Canada

Comments: Bought the 400B and i love it! i use it for freshwater and saltwater and it has no problem. super smooth drag! only problem is casting, but once you get used to the reel its easy

From: Kyle: Chula Vista, CA, USA

Comments: The 400b is the bomb on stripers. Super smooth drag

From: Jacob: East Coast

Comments: i use this reel for musky,pike, and bass fishing and it is a really good reel. it casts light and hevy lures. the only problem is it takes practice because it can birds nest pretty easy and pretty bad. but dont get me wrong its a great reel. just takes a couple hours of practice and it will be the best reel you have ever used.

From: Josh: USA

Comments: You could never go wrong with this reel. I use this on freshwater and saltwater fish. Proven solid. 200 and 400 have alot of good stories and trophies.

From: Jimmy: East Texas

Comments: Cody, google Wicked Reelz and they can fix the reel for you and make it perform much better then when it was new. They are in North FL I believe.

From: Jack: DE

Comments: Somethimg in my reel broke I paid 250 for my reel and it's been sittin on a shelf for 4 years I paid that kind of money figure it woul be life time warranty

From: Cody: Marysville, Ohio

Comments: I've had a pair of the CT50's since they were first introduced back in '91. I recently added them to a pair of modern rods, the Tessera model 7' medium action spinnerbait/worm rods. This action is great for target shooting, splashless soft presentations with 1/4oz and 3/8 oz. spinnerbaits. I've dressed the reels with 30lb test Power Pro braid and the drags are set to 12lbs. The true enjoyment here is I feel like I'm using an ultra-lite trout rig and banging broad shouldered Bass in the Cal Delta like serving tea and crumpits. The big ones don't even scare me because these reels are so tough. And after good mantenance, still cast like new. I'm a long time devotee of these models and I'm sure anyone who already owns one or more is as well.

From: L.J.: Sacramento, CA

Comments:  I simply love my Calcutta series reels, They are durable,and when my customers use these reels they recognize that I use the finest quality equipment, I have proudly handed mine to over seven hundred clients in the last 5 years and they keep the fish coming to the boat. For redfish in narly docks and jetty rocks, striped bass out of the stumps and cypress knees of the Cape Fear River and prying big flounder off the reefs! I love my Shimano Calcutta reels and you will love yours too.

From: Captain Rushing: Wilmington, NC

Comments: Smooth & Solid!!!

From: Fadzil: Malaysia

Comments: I got this reel for my birthday in the 100 size for spinnerbaits and cranks, loaded with some 12lb izor, this thing is something else man, cast great, retrieves great and handles big blades like nothing else, I love this reel, its my baby, i got to buy a few more

From: Kevin: SoCal

Comments: All around reliable reel! handles big fish like a boss! ill use mine in saltwater for snook, poons, trout, and reds! but this thing can do anything!

From: A.J.: Florida, USA

Comments: : Very smooth reel and cast a mile.  Great reel and will buy more.

From: Brewton, AL 

Comments:This reel is so awesome, I've hooked so many bass on it and pulled em in with no problem. Awesome saltwater reel to. Works great with 14 lb. test. THANK YOU SHIMANO!!!!!!!

From:Sam: California

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