Shimano Casitas 150 Casting Reel

The Shimano Casitas 150 Casting Reel delivers versatile performance ready for action on your favorite bass lake or inshore saltwater destination. Available at a very reasonable price, its five bearing system (4+1) ensures super smooth casts and retrieves, and its SVS Infinity cast control system also allows you to adjust to a wide range of applications and conditions.

Shimano’s S3D Stable Spool design delivers improved spool balance as well for reduced vibration and improved casting. Whether you like to drag a worm, throw swimbaits or chuck and wind crankbaits and spinnerbaits, the Casistas 150 has you covered. Available in both a 6.3:1 and 7.2:1 gear ratio, the Shimano Casistas 150 Casting Reel delivers performance and value anglers have come to expect from Shimano.


-SVS Infinity
-S3D Stable Spool design

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Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.) Stock Price Qty
CAS150 Right 6.3:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
CAS150HG Right 7.2:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
CAS151 Left 6.3:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90 In Stock: 3+ $119.99
CAS151HG Left 7.2:1 6.7 4BB + 1RB 12/110, 14/90 In Stock: 3+ $119.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got one of these for my birthday last year. Great reel. Would highly recomend for anyone. Only thing I wish is that it would come in more gear ratios. 

From: Brycen: Kerr Lake, VA 2/14/17

Comments: I got 4 of them: excellent reel, and it'll became a lot better if you replace the stock ball bearings and put a nice couple of abec 7 (3x10x4) ball bearings in. The original drag is fine, since finally Shimano engineers used a carbon drag!

From: Frogman. 12/25/16

Comments: All I can say is this thing is so sweet. I have an abu Garcia orra 2sx and it has 8 bearings. This thing is way smoother and is crisp and casts super well. I will be buying more. Buy this reel, u will not be dissapointed

From: Ryan: Savannah GA 12/26/16

Comments: Let me tell you, I'm not sure if I just got a good one or what but man this reel has been amazing. I have had it for a solid 6 months now & fish with it almost 4 times a week! This thing for some reason is smoother than all my Curados & Citicas. Cast a mile & nearly impossible to backlash. I use it from cranking small squarebills all the way up to 6xds. The everything on the reel is still butter smooth just like it was out of the box. Best reel on the market for the price and even better that some of the 200$ reels out there

From: Chance: USA 9/4/16

Comments: Bought this reel two months ago & I've been extremely pleased! The only issue I have & it's a very small issue, is with the drag. It's probably because I'm used to fishing with 13 Concept reels that have 22lb drag. But this Casitas is probably the best $120 reel you will ever find. I highly recommend buying this reel!

From: Brad: Brandon, MS 8/27/16

Comments: I've had this reel for about a month now. I have not had any problems at all. It looks awesome & I love mine. Would recommend to anyone.

From: Jarrett: AR 6/9/16

Comments: I received this reel as a gift from my little brother about 6 months ago. Since then I've put everything from 8lb mono to 65 lb braid & basically beat the heck out of it. It still works flawlessly & gets the job done. Sure there are smoother & better looking reels out there (I have some of them) but for the money, this reel is a straight work horse that does what it needs to do.

From: Zach: TN 6/7/16

Comments: This reel is light & casts very well. I rarely baby the spool, no backlashes at all. If you need to add a reel that won't break the bank I highly recommend this. Great job shimano.


Comments: This is the first Shimano reel I've ever owned & I can say that I'm hooked. This reel cannot be beat for its price point. Casts very smooth with anything from half ounce jigs to weightless Senkos. This reel is a very good all around baitcaster and you cannot beat the price!


Comments: This real looks absolutely amazing! When i first opened up the box, the reel felt relatively cheap. The knobs on the handle are extremely comfortable but the rest of the reel didn't feel like it would hold up. After getting out & casting it a bit, I am totally blown away by the performance of the reel. Although dialing it in took a little bit longer then my average, once i got everything down i was golden. Casts light baits easy & pretty much empties the spool with heavier ones. Do yourself a favor & pick this one up. Great work Shimano!

From: Logan: VA 3/17/16

Comments: The reel is smooth & it casts well. It palms similar to the aldebaran just heavier. My only gripe is the handle, but that's nothing after market parts can't fix. I'd give this reel a 7/10. It's no metanium but it's also $300 cheaper.

From: Mitch: MN 2/27/16

Comments: First impression of this baitcaster was WOW how smooth it is! Used it at Gibson County Lake 2/18/16 on a New 7'0" Insight Brent Chapman Rod and fished swim jigs primarily.Spooled it up with 10lb Seaguar.Great castability and smoothness... so far very nice reel for the $119.99 price point!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 2/22/16

Comments: This is the best first reel for anyone. Great gift for beginner put it that way. I bought this reel for my son who is 8 years old. I couldn't believe how good this reel is. Made it easy for my son to cast. He learn how to cast a year ago but this reel absolutely had no backlash and made him look like pro. With the right settings and turning the reel cast amazing. My son caught a nice 8 pounder and next to that a 6 1/2. He was using his Casitas 6:31, 7ft med heavy med rod and 15lb Fluorocarbon. The has serious power and smoothness. It does feel a little cheap. But it works like a top of the line reel. Thinking of getting 2 for back up reels. For me this is a good reel for those in a budget or those who just getting into fishing. Big ups to Shimano my kid loves it.

From: Armando: Humble, TX 1/21/16

Comments: Really nice reel. Makes you wanna buy their high end reels. You can tell the reel not a high end reel when try it. It looks, feels, and cast amazing. I wasn't a big fan of the g series and was thinking Shimano was going down hill. But with the Metanium, Aldebaran & Antares it safe to say Shimano back with its baitcast line. The I series also really nice. I know I'm off the subject. Just happy Shimano back because I'm a big fan. These Casitas will have new fans or people coming back and even upgrade to the reels I just mention on top. Very happy with this but I'm still getting the Metanium in future.

From: Julio: Mexico 1/19/16

Comments: Surprised how smooth this reel is. Feels like a high in reel. Cast amazing & has a powerful drag. But to early to tell on the durability. So far I like it and wanna order the low gear.

From: Juan: Humble, TX 1/2/16

Comments: I love this reel it casts a mile, its super smooth I will definegly buy more

From: Dane: OH 12/29/15

Comments: received one of these for Christmas this year and I am very impressed. I typically throw Daiwa Tatulas and Zillionares, but I must say this little reel holds its own. No it's not quite up to par with the previous to in regards to pure refinement or "extras". But dollar for dollar probably the best reel around $100 that I have thrown.

From: Bill: Fort Worth, TX 12/25/15

Comments: received one of these for Christmas this year and I am very impressed. I typically throw Daiwa Tatulas and Zillionares, but I must say this little reel holds its own. No it's not quite up to par with the previous to in regards to pure refinement or "extras". But dollar for dollar probably the best reel around $100 that I have thrown.

From: Bill: Fort Worth, TX 12/25/15

Comments: This reel is a fantastic reel. First off, the looks of this thing alone are gorgeous. Second, the performance of this reel will surprise you. It took me only a few casts to get it dialed in how I like it. Once I did, casting was effortless. The new s3d spool has little to no vibration when making a cast. Handles fish well too. Even though it's built using composite and not aluminum, it will last you a long time as long as you take care of it. The composite also makes it extremely light and easy to fish with all day. I've only caught a few fish with it so far, biggest one being about 2 pounds, but overall, I'm highly satisfied with this reel. If you're on a budget, this reel is for you.

From: James: Newbern, TN 12/6/15

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