Delivering professional-grade performance and a compact profile, the Shimano Chronarch 50E Series Casting Reel is perfect for anglers who prefer to use a casting reel for light line and finesse applications. Weighing in at only 7.1-oz, the Chronarch 50E is also extremely lightweight. And while it may be small in stature, it still delivers an incredible amount of torque and power thanks to its robust HEG: High Efficiency Gearing. Its sturdy aluminum frame and graphite sideplates also provides a rigid base of operations, and its seven bearing system (5SS, 1 S A-RB + 1 A-RB) ensures consistently fluid casts and retrieves. The Chronarch 50E's Dartainium Drag also stays smooth throughout its range and has the wherewithal to stop fish dead in their tracks. Offering tournament caliber performance for the most discerning anglers, the Shimano Chronarch 50E Series Casting Reel delivers a smaller, more palmable profile and plenty of power.

Offering a compact, palmable design, the low-profile Shimano Chronarch 50E Series Casting Reels are perfect for finesse and light line applications when you still want the speed and control of a casting reel.

- Aluminum Frame
- Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
- Recessed Reel Foot
- High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
- Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion
- Gear System (SF)
- A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool
- Dartainium2  Drag Washer B
- 7 Bearings - Total
  • 1 S A-RB BB
  • 5 Shielded Stainless Steel BB
  • 1 A-RB Roller Clutch Bearing
- Variable Brake System (VBS) with
- Reduced Mass Hub
- Super Stopper II
- Assist Stopper
- Drilled Handle Shank
- Septon PV Power Grips
- Titanium IP Line Guide
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Metal Cast Control Knob
- Double Anodized Spool and Handle
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- QuickFire II Clutch Bar

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The E's were the best shimano ever to come out with for the price. These reels are bullet proof and a workhorse. I use these reels for salt & freshwater fishing. It has the perfect gear ratio for my finesse and winter fishing. Palms perfect on my finesse rod. Great product by shimano. Amazing little reel and will continue being my go to.

From: Jacob: TX 2/4/16

Comments: wow! This thing is just on a whole other level. I have a curado 200g6 which is also very very nice but this thing wow. I spooled it up with 12lb seaguar invizx for my senko rod and this thing casts them a freakin mile! So smooth and it truly feels like a quality reel when using it. Definitely gonna buy another chronarch for my next setup. I would recommend this over any reel in the 200$ or around category. You can't beat the quality parts that are in these reels. Do your research and you will see why these things are so amazing

From: Andres: AZ

Comments: It's the same reel as the Curado 50/51 E.And those Curado 50/51 Es were amazing and so is this reel.

From: Steve: NJ

Comments: Well well well what did shimano come out with at icast? a brand new shimano chronarch that looks like a core. the reason they came out with this in my opinion is that the curado was so popular so they upgraded it. Yes i said they upgraded it. You might not believe so, but they did and it is awesome. Dont let these people scare you away this reel is a beast!

From: enlightenment: USA

Comments: I have had this 50E for about 4 months now. I am super impressed with it. Very light and balances well on both rods I have had it on. I attempted to use this a my cranking reel. It worked extremly well for my smaller Square A's sized baits, but anything with some weight, it seemed to be too much when casting it. 2.5's made this hunny scream! The speed was just too fast for me. I ended up making it my top water reel and have it paired with my Clarus 6'8" MXF and its a fantastic top water set up. My largest fish to date was 3.5 pounds and it handled it very well. Ive got nothing but high praises for this reel. It won't be my last.

From: Richard: Edmond, OK

Comments: The smoothest reel I have ever owned. I have it paired with a 7'1" G Loomis mossyback and it is so comfortable

From: Mike: Plano, IL

Comments: This reel is excellent. If anyone says otherwise, they just aren't a fan of Shimano reels. Get one, you won't regret it.

From: Kale: Midland, TX

Comments: I really hope people aren't shying away from buying one of these reels because of these kids whining about how Shimano, "down graded" or "dumbed down", these new Chronarchs. I'm curious as to how many of them have actually fished one of these reels or just picked one up and spun the handle a couple times. These 50's are incredible, they feel solid in your hand and the clutch bar is super smooth and easy to engage (which can't be said for some of the junk reels out there in the same price range). When fishing this reel it becomes apparent pretty quickly that there is nothing but quality components in it. I use mine for jigging/worming on a heavy-extra fast rod and it gets put to it's paces everyday and at every tournament and this thing handles the biggest of bass with precision and can handle enough high-test line(flouro) to do whatever you want with it. I will admit it's not as good as my cores, but it's also $170 cheaper. I have 2 of these 50's and one 200E5 and I can see more in my future. Get one and judge for yourself, worst case scenerio..send it back!

From: Blake: Guntersville, AL

Comments: I thought the reel was a little rough too, and thought about returning it, but took it out for a little while, even though I didnt catch any fish with it (still cold here) its now so smooth and can cast my baits far. I also have curado e7's and the 201 size chronarch, all super smooth reels, so this is what I compared it to.

From: Northwest

Comments: Was this reel a little rough for anybody when they first took it out of the package and gave it a couple whirls? I just got mine and it feels, well, not so smooth? Is there a piece of cardboard in the spool they put in for protection when it leaves the factory? Is there something I need to lube to loosen it up? Or will it eventually break in by itself? Some feedback would be nice, thanks.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: Shimano dumbing things down was not cool.  That being said, this reel is still a BEAST.  I fish saltwater the majority of the time and this reel won't corrode one iota.  It handles the continual beating that big snook and redfish put on a reel (yes, on the 50E).  Thirty pound braid with a spoon or soft plastic on jig head - unreal casting distance.

From: Dominic: Fort Myers, FL

Comments: If you like the Curado 50e. You will like this reel. Because its the same reel with power grips. I dont understand this??? They shouldve just kept the Curado E.

From: Fred: Wesco, TX

Comments: Joe is right here. Shimano has just down-graded the curado and now this. The Curado and the Citica are both Caenans just different bodies. This reel has just been stripped off all the high grade materials on it. Come on Shimano.

Comments: This reel is really the biggest bang for ur buck ur gona get. Its strong, smooth, cast ultra light rigs a mile ( 1/8 dropshots) and over all just great. i can careless for its paintjob however. I own enough high end reels including 2 Steez castin reels and for the money it can compete with em all on overall performance just not in weight (thats really what ur paying for).  If ur looking for a quality reel fineese capable this reel has ur name written all over it. by the way 30lb power pro feel perfect on it and the reel balances perfect on any G-loomis or shimano rod

From: Kevin: SoCal

Comments: Nice reel but i still like my older chronarch's better. Like the reel is a tad bit better than the curado 50e but i really think shimano should of did the whole chronarch a metalic black reel to make it look a little more stealthy it would look way better. Also the spool to silver and the thumb bar like the core it would look way better in my opinion.

From: Heu: Houston, TX

Comments: Decent reel. Very similar to the Curado E series. I love the older chronarchs and like them better than these, but these aren't bad. They are as good as anyone really "needs". Overall, since I paid $120 for mine, I ain't complaining.....

From: Randy: KS

Comments: I would have to agree, this is a far inferior reel to previous chronarchs. I have since returned it, and had to pay up to obtain the shimano core. We use to get quality for less than 200 bucks with shimano, now it will cost more than 350 to get quality with shimano reels. I have lost confidence and may no longer believe in these products.

From: Joe: TX

Comments: Love this reel. I have been out throwing 1/8 and 1/16 oz bitsy bugs for cold water bass and it casts them better than anything I've ever used.

Comments: Just got my Chronarch 50e. And I got to admit, it's a better reel then the Curado 50e. Cast better, better drag and the bigger knobs make it a lot more comfortable. Only thing is I was hoping they came out with a 7:1 gear ratio. Other then that I see another Chronarch 50E in my future.

From: Jose: Torrance, CA

Comments: Excellent little reel. I put it on a Duckett ML rod for tiny square bills. Perfect for lightweight duty. The signature "handle backplay" that is synonymous with Shimano is slowly dwindling...while its still present it isnt nearly as noticeable as there previous model. Id say its a slight upgrade from the Curado it has the power grips. Great buy.

From: Daniel: NC

Comments: The Chronarch 50e is without a doubt the best reel i have used for fishing with senkos or damiki works.  It cast perfect and has a great break system to prevent backlash.  Great Job Shimano

From: Aron: Salinas, CA

Comments: The new chronarch does look like the curado e series, but after that they are very different.  The curado 50E would line stack.  I have not run into that problem at all with the chronarch 50E.  Once you use this reel you will also notice the gears are obviously different.  Much smoother and more refined and the casting distance is also better IMHO.  The paddles and the handle is also different on these reels.  The handle is not as long on the chronarch 200E as compared to the curado 200E, which I like.  I would recommend that people try this reel out and make up there own minds and not listen to misinformed nonsense.

From: David: Winnsboro, LA

Comments: Having owned so many top shelf Shimano and Daiwa reels ,not just low profile bass casting reels but reels for other species and produced for other markets(JDM/UK ECT)I know what a top-end reel should feel/fish. I can say this reel is nothing special. Used 1 for a day and im glad to say that I didnt cough up the money to buy it.It was a friends ,who not too long after decided to resell it.There is better out there..Shimano should have never dirtied the Chronarch name.

From: Jeff: NJ

Comments: I already have three of these that I paid $94.88 a piece for, new. They are just green, have a plastic drag star, and say Curado. Like I said in another review, Shimano completely disgusted me with this watering down of the Chronarch name. The "Chronarch" name, for the last 18 years, has been synonymous with words like "superior quality" and "elite calibur equipment". Not anymore. Don't get me wrong, at $140-$150 the Curado E was awesome, but nowhere near as tight and smooth as any of the prior Chronarchs.

From: Phillip: Meridian, MS

Comments: I believe this is going to be the new workhorse for Shimano.  Holds enough 20 lb to do what you want, and still casts great with 1/8 oz worm weight.  If you have used 100 or 200 sized Shimano reels in the past, don't hesitate to get this in their place!

From: Jobil: Oakland, TN

Comments: Sweet Reel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Job Shimano

From: Michael: Albany, GA

Comments: Fished identical to my curado 50e. Only difference is powergrips and new color.

From: Chris: USA

Comments: Fished with it today. Sweet reel with smoooooth drag. It feels different than the older 50E. The drag click sounds different. It sounds more like a core. Not sure if they adopted the drag from the core. I LIKE IT!

From: Grat: DVL

Comments: The best reel shimano has ever made period

From: Glenn: USA

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