One of Shimano’s most popular reels and one of the best values in the Shimano reel line-up, the Shimano Citica 200G Series Casting Reel has been newly redesigned with new look and new platform. Still incredibly ergonomic and comfortable to fish, it features a lightweight aluminum frame and graphite sideplates, which provide a rigid base of operations. In conjunction with Shimano’s HEG: High Efficiency Gearing, this frame keeps all parts in perfect alignment and ensures solid cranking power. The VBS: Variable Brake System with a Reduced Mass Hub is also easily accessed, and delivers complete cast control for a variety of conditions and fishing applications. The Citica G Series is now offered in three gear ratios as well, offering a level of versatility not possible with the previous generation. Back and better than ever, the Shimano Citica G Series Casting Reel is a deadly blend of performance and price point.

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The popular Shimano Citica 200 G Series Casting Reels deliver a new look, and the same performance and value that have made them perennial favorites with anglers.

- Aluminum Frame
- Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
- Recessed Reel Foot
- High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
- Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion
- Gear System (SF)
- Lo-Mass Drilled Spool System
- Dartainium Drag
- 4 Bearings
   • 3 Shielded Stainless Steel BB
   • Roller Clutch Bearing
- Variable Brake System (VBS)
- Reduced Mass Hub
- Super Stopper
- Assist Stopper
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Metal Cast Control Knob
- Anodized Spool and Handle
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- QuickFire II Clutch Bar

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have this reel paired up with a Falcon Bucoo rod spooled with nothing less than Seaguar Fluro. 12lb test.The reel has performed very well wether your casting it or pitching it.I also have the Canean and Curado and all are excellent bass reels.Excellent products from Shimano!! Thanks!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN 2/2/15

Comments: I have a caenan and a citica and I love both of them, but I have to say that the citica can cast further and it can cast longer. I would recommend getting the citica but if you are on a budget, I would recommend getting the caenan. The citica is my favorite out of my 4 reels, smooth, good breaking system, etc.

From: Daniel: Seattle, WA 1/18/15

Comments: I got one of these, I filled it with 12lbs mono. I git to say its cast very well, but the bait has to be a minimum aerodynamic, I matched it with a crankbait rod and I think its the perfect match. With a power bait you git a have a powerfull reel abd this reel is power for the price of course.

From: Thierry: Montreal, Canada 1/1/15

Comments: First time I tried this reel I didn't like it. But after using it for the last 3 weeks I must say I am very impressed. It's very smooth for having only 3 bearings, and the braking system is simple and effective. I almost want to say I like it more than some of my e series citicas. Will definitely be getting more and recommend it to others.

From: David: Atkinson, NH 9/21/14

Comments: Junk, broke a gear in the reel week 2. citica e lasted me 3 years and now my buddy has it, only thing that was wrong with that one was that the drag kinda went to crap after a year and a half.

From: Matt: FL 9/12/14

Comments: I love my citica. I have it on the 7.1:1 gear ratio and it rocks!!! I've caught easily over 40 fish on it and I haven't even had it for a week. Great reel, it holds up good and I haven't found one problem yet!

From: Michael: FL 6/29/14

Comments: My Citicas did real good for my amateur tournaments. Great reels for someone on a budget, beginners and pros alike. They have the all features of top notch reels and the ratios for each technique. Very happy with my citicas.

From: Jay: NM 4/5/14

Comments: I've fished a citica for about two years now. This has been my crankbait reel and is still going strong. I was a bit optimistic about not having the brakes on the side, but I've gotten used to it. As long as you take care of this reel, it will take care of you.

From: Ben: Lancaster, PA

Comments: This was the first baitcast reel I owned, I have fished with it for a year now and I can honestly say this is a great reel. It is light, strong, casts extremely well, holds a fair amount of line and has many great features; especially for the price. I am confident that this reel will last me a long time. True SHIMANO quality!

From: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I have this in the 5.5:1 ratio and use it as my crankbait reel. I can cast all size crankbaits very well with absolutely zero backlash with only one brake applied. I have not encountered any problems with this reel, and it has performed exceptionally well for its first year of tournament fishing.

From: Zac

Comments: Barely even used it and now about every 3 casts on the retrieve the level wind sticks to the left side...Super annoying.  Called Shimano. They said to mail it to them..Not impressed. Going to cost to send it to them, may end up costing me more to have it repaired..

From: Robert: IA

Comments: i just got mine i can say i like the feel of it i will be fishing with it this weekend i got it pair with a compre 7.2 heavy

From: Tav: Columbia, SC

Comments: I just got my first citica and I must say, i'm impressed.  It casts very far and is easy to set the cast.  Also for only having 4 bearings it's smooth and makes almost no sound when it's reeling in.  I recommend this reel to fisherman looking for a quality non-expensive reel.

From: Seth

Comments: Not worth the money. It only has 4 bearing for $130 get a Caenan it has 7 bearings for $90. The only difference is the Citica has an aluminum frame.

From: Dale

Comments: I have had the citic for about a year and it is a great reel. I have caught a lot of fish on it with out a problem. I would recomend this reel if you dont want to spend a hole lot of money.

From: Clay: FL

Comments: i had this reel for 6 to 7 months it is a great reel i highly recomend it....

From: Tyler

Comments: The Citica 200e was better and the 200g not for me. Feels super cheap and weak. Send it back for a Chronarch 200e6

From: Carl, TX

Comments: This reel is okay, but if you want a good reel for the same price go with a lews. They are just an overall better reel buttery smooth and its smaller than the citica. It's just a lot better. go with a lews not shimano!!!

From: Chase: Spring, TX

Comments: i cant believe it. this reel is good but after 2 months mine started having problems with the gears. i had a friend open it up and the inside looks cheap. dont get me wrong it cast a mile and smooth but i think i just got a bad reel.

joe blow: Fresno, CA

Comments: i bought the citica about 2 weeks ago and i already caught a 9 pound bass and a 11 pound bass it brings them in just fine. I havent had a problem with it yet and i just think it is a great reel

From: Clay: US

Comments: I own a citica e and love it so i bought another citica g. My new G wouldn't cast without backlashing and when i opened the sideplate the ring that is supposed to cause friction for the magnetic brake was loose which caused the brake not to work and it made alot of noise. I got it fixed and i may have just got a bad reel because it is very smooth and works good now but i should not have had to fix it in the first place i expect more from shimano.

From: Greg: Southern IL

Comments: I bought two of these a few weeks back, and love them both. May be ordering the 5.5.1 for cranking.

From: Marshall, Kingston, TN

Comments: my first shimano and by far the best reel i have used so far, this reel convinced me to buy a curado , coravalus , try a shimano ! you wont regret it just try and get  the E series if you can the G is crap

From: Ricky: Orange, CA

Comments: So far the reel feels good just havent got a decent rod for it yet. Got my eyes on the clarus crankbait rod though.  This reel is smooth and have a lot of free spool

From: Ricky: CA

Comments: the reel seemed smooth but I went ahead and got the curado I couldn't save thirty dollars when I saw the promotion and it would b the same price so I stuck with what I got. I would get one if it wasn't for the promotion there is just one or two less bearings which if u get it set right you can't tell as bad with out the fewer bearings.

From: Jeremy: Glenpool, OK

Comments: i have a shiz load of tackle and reels and shimanos,i dunno why but i always liked the feel and performance of the citicas.they dont break the bank and they are built to last.a great buy for a beginner or weekend angler.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: This is my first shimano baitcast reel and wow I was amaze at how good it threw my weightless lures. I have always been a Abu Garcia guy. I might buy more Shimano.

From: Nhia: Little Canada, MN

Comments: Just got this for my first casting reel, and man, I'm very impressed! It's so smooth and I can cast light lures far. This thing does not feel cheap at all. I've always heard and read about Shimano's build quality and performance, and now I know why. I can't wait to either pick up a few more of these or even try the new Chronarchs. Give it a try; you won't be disappointed.

From: Sebbe: LA, CA

Comments: right out of the box it felt good but in a way cheap... the the button was sorta hard to press. its is an overall good real and worth the money but i think you should go to the curado... much better reel

From: Micah: Bartow, FL

Comments: I have fished with Shimano reels ever since the old faithfull Curado B green series.  My favorite series were the D series of citicas and curados.  I have found a new favorite.  I love the Citica 200G.  I like it better than the E series.  I know many Shimano faithfull are upset with the new changes but this Citica is a great reel.  It is light and casts great.  It doesn't feel cheap at all and I promise you when you by Shimano it will last forever. 

From: Jeremy: Duncan, OK

Comments: Just got my citica in the mail and right out of the box it cast a 3/8th ounce bait like it was nothing. So smooth and sleek I love it and I can't think of another reel as good for the price. Shimano rules!

From: John: Durham, NC

Comments: Just got mine in the mail and I'm not sure if I want to keep it or not.  It feels a little on the cheap side compared to older Shimanos, I think the side plates are plastic.  But I wont know how good of a reel it is until spring because my season is over in Chicago.

From: Tony: Chicago, IL

Comments: I got this reel at the fishermans warehouse in sacramento and it cast like a dream.  There are only two plastic peices on this reel the drag set thing and the brakes inside.  once you get it tuned in you can cast a 1/4 ounce lure.  I have it paired up with the new clarus and the reel seat perfectly fits the citica.

From: John: Sacramento

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